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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 9, 2009

Ronald Reagan said it best. Big Government is never the answer it is the problem! It always masks itself at first as the savior, problem solver, and the defender of the poor and most needy. We saw this kind of seduction and bold takeover strategy by Castro in Cuba, Hitler in Germany, Mussolini and Stalin to name a few. They didn’t gain power so quickly by stating their plans to control all media, seize all guns, land and food supplies. They didn’t talk about the mass murders and torture to come once the seduction and distraction wore off. They engorged themselves on the societal worship they received while they planned their reigns of destruction and horror. Millions sat back and let them do it as they prayed for them!

Why do certain leaders and movements always morph into big Government?

It is the classic, narcissistic and ancient problem of mankind. Many wanna be leaders through out time translate Government and leadership into being served, not serving; being worshiped and submitted to not worshipping and submitting to God; controlling, demanding and dictating, not protecting our basic God given rights to freedom.

The warmth, the charm the kiss up in style always seems to be the attractant that causes the bug to stick in the web, and then it is too late. The spider bites and kills after playing with the food. America you had better wise up, the spider is coming and it is a black widow.

The U.S. was created as a miraculous republic, not a democracy. It was etched into existence by the blood of our ancestors and the protective and liberating structure of our constitution and bill of rights. America, though far from perfect and having drifted far from her best self, still has been a light of freedom on a hill for the world to see and replicate. We have always represented real hope and freedom to the masses and a real threat to the tyrants and abusers of freedom and choice.


This hatred of real freedom has lead to continuous clashes through out time against those tyrants and movements who sought to destroy us, such as Hitler and Nazi Germany, the Japanese who wanted to control the world, Communism and Islamic radicalism that wants to enslave us, forcibly convert us or kill us.

Real Freedom and a humbling before God as opposed to leader and man worship, is at war and always has been!

President Obama is a classic example of the age-old clash of the ages. He is a narcissistic, egomaniac who hides behind sound bites, charm and lying promises. With him we have seen throughout his career, “the Chicago way” “political style of bait and switch,” “means justify the ends” and sell outs.

We have seen his lack of ability to allow freedom of speech and different opinions by Obama’s shrill statements right after he was elected “I won and you didn’t” and the assaults back in April and beyond by Homeland Security and Nepalitano, identifying most of America, including our returning vets as potential domestic terrorists. Doug Hagmann of Northeast Intelligence Network and award winning editor and journalist Judi Mcleod of came on my show last month and exposed a 9 month investigation they had been involved with, laced with interviews and proof that major media outlets and hosts had been intimidated and even threatened if they covered the Obama eligibility and birth certificate issue.

Those doing T parties around the U.S. since last April are called unrepeatable names as well as racists and tin helmet right-wingers, while those daring to continue to ask the questions about Obama’s eligibility and birth certificate issue are called birthers and racists.

Obama’s style is like that of so many dictators through out time who have little or no tolerance for criticism and accountability. We have seen this with the endless sea of czars bypassing congress and reflecting more control and communism.

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We must master mid term elections in 2010 and take back the House and hopefully the Senate. I also pray that one of the many court cases pending against Obama on his eligibility to even serve as President will go forward to the Discovery point. Finally, real conservatives who want to protect real freedom, our sovereignty, bill of rights and history must run at year 4 and start undoing the damage.

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Obama’s style is like that of so many dictators through out time who have little or no tolerance for criticism and accountability. We have seen this with the endless sea of czars bypassing congress and reflecting more control and communism.