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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 2, 2009

The arguments are flaring between Democrats and lying insults are flying against Republicans. We certainly recall Rep. Joe Wilson’s trouble when he called President Obama a liar during Obama’s last speech to congress. Wilson was practically called every name in the book even though he immediately apologized to the President. Still, many have demanded that he apologizes to the whole congress and be censored. Bad Joe……….bad for pointing out one lie and not calling him liar through the entire speech. I counted 7 lies myself.

Apparently Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida is a choirboy and hero to the liberals in congress. He thought it was helpful and useful to have big posters pointing out in his talk, the Republican’s health plan promoted and wanted the following: 1. Don’t Get Sick 2. And if You Do Get Sick 3. Die Quickly. As is usually the case with flaming liberals and Obama, there is no apology from Grayson as was with Wilson. Even though Grayson was hurling out total lies and propaganda, who cares, let him smear.

So, the fights and name-calling are flowing around as various manipulations and attachments grab onto this Government health bill from hell.

Recently I interviewed Michael Connelly, a constitutional attorney who had read every page of the proposed government health care bill and its various attachments and maneuvers. He said that it was a vivid breach of the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th amendments of our constitution, a complete violation of our right to privacy and protection from search and seizure.

What about the latest…..The Baucus Bill?

According to Michael Connelly, this is so far called the Chairman’s Mark of America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009. The bottom line is it is more of the same and very similar to what is already being proposed, except with 500 amendments being added to it.

It still forces everyone to buy health insurance whether you want to or not. Seniors should be horrified since it would cut Medicare to help pay for the forced program. Also, say good by to Medicare Advantage, allowing seniors to buy supplemental insurance. Who is telling who to “Die quickly” Rep. Grayson??? Are you certain it is the Republican’s plan?

Just recently efforts by some Senators to vote down funding abortions in this bill was voted down, so that is going to be funded. Of course we all knew that. The left love slaughtering babies and the “choice” there in. Since these jokers know the Government heath plan (call it what ever slippery language you want, week to week) isn’t popular or wanted by most of us, efforts made to allow us time to read it were defeated. The amendment only said it would be posted on the Internet for 72 hours before a vote was taken. However, after the heat congress received over HR 3200, they don’t want the public knowing or reading what they are doing with our freedoms, money, constitution, health and futures! Even Senator Joan Kerry opened his globally warmed mouth and didn’t understand why the bill should be posted anyway since people wouldn’t understand it. Of course, once again we are dummies so we shouldn’t know which nightmare our leaders are leading us to. Just shut up and take it! Look Kerry, a polar bear just died due to the stinky carbon emissions flying out of your mouth!!!


By now we all know the endless insults and horror peppered through the Government plan and its hybrids, forced end of life counseling for seniors every 5 years, forced health insurance for all; forcing businesses to pay for and provide health insurance whether they can or want to; access to our bank accounts, control of all medical and mental health records, actual decision making about procedures; treatments and when that happens; and of course rationing of health care in general. We all ready know abortions will be funded and illegals will get free care.

So, this attempt at Government health care is a constitutional series of violations and betrayals; it is a moral betrayal; it is a personal freedom suckage machine; denies the value of babies and seniors by funding abortions and rationing care to seniors/forced end of life counseling; but there is a MOTHER LOAD NIGHTMARE WE MUST SMASH NOW!

What if we don’t want health insurance?

If you are too broke to afford health insurance, private or the Government’s, Dr. Mengele version, guess what, you get a $25,000 fine or even better, a year in prison! Did you hear me yet?

What about our constitutional freedom to choose? Many millions now don’t have health insurance but save each month the amount they would have paid to a health insurance company. They do this to pay medical bills as they go or in case of a health emergency. There are ALL KINDS of ways people take care of their health, do preventative care and plan for the worst. All those freedoms would be crushed and they would suddenly be criminals.

My own parents are poster children for responsibility, paying their taxes and doing the right thing. They chose years ago to approach their health care in their 70s not by paying a health insurance company premiums each month but by creating a savings account for trips to the doctor, dentist and emergencies. So far, their system has worked just fine for them and hasn’t screwed anyone. Will they be viewed as criminals and be fined?

Instead of debtor prisons are we about to see health care prisons? Will freedom to choose be completely gone and mistakes not allowed? That is most certainly where this Government health care plan wants to go.

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Tell your Senators and Representatives NO NO NO to Government health care of any kind. Realize if one of these versions go through you may end up with a $25,000 fine or sent to jail…….or worse, your parents. Remember, this administration classically over reaches then pulls back to gain ground in their communistic direction bit by bit. Know the ploy and stop ALL progression into the shredding of our freedoms, rights, constitution and law. Obama and this administration want one thing, not health care, but POWER and CONTROL.

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So, the fights and name-calling are flowing around as various manipulations and attachments grab onto this Government health bill from hell.