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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 25, 2009

Global elites have positioned for control over the US for decades. They have maneuvered their way into groups with massive money and political power. Certainly not all business and banking is corrupt but many key domains of influence, manipulation and betrayal are going on right before our dimmed eyes. They seek to rule in the Corporate, Political and Academic world and are gaining dangerous ground.

Key groups who have led in the shredding of our sovereignty and freedom would include the Trilateral Commission founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Patrick Wood, director of has stated many times on my national radio show that these guys were the actual founders of the New International Economic Order that has spawned the globalization we see today.

The intention to turn this country into an international submissive blob is not new. Way back in 1959 the CFR was vivid about their goal.

“The U.S. must strive to build a new international order…including states labeling themselves as ‘socialist’…to maintain and gradually increase the authority of the United Nations.”

You may recall all kinds of new world order talk with former Bush Senior’s speeches (I cringe at the memory). Then there was Jimmy Carter who many don’t know was tutored by Brzezinski who by the way is the same globalist nightmare who said just this week that we should shoot down Israeli planes if they fly across Iraq to attack Iran. Carter said shockingly the same thing. Of course how can we forget the international distortions through out Carter’s glowing career, especially the celebrated denial and betrayal of our best ally, Israel over the years.

Where is all this globalism leading us and should we be concerned?

Dangers and betrayals to the US

International Criminal Court (ICC) is the offspring of the mostly anti American, mostly Islamic leaning, Israel hating, global elitist and financial thug UN. Thankfully former President Bush refused to sign us into submitting to this court but MUCH MORE is needed. Even backing up on this court and by default giving a distant, approval of the court is dangerous to us.

Clear back in 1994, Senator Jesse Helms (Republican) warned of the intentions and direction of this court. He said they would try individuals and Americans for vague crimes such as environmental crimes and colonialism. The really wonderful part of this nightmare is that these crimes could be tried in North Korea, Cuba or other places that hate us and our interests.


Gut our laws, freedoms and money supply

Will Obama stand up for US sovereignty and protection against an intrusive and abusive UN spawned International court? A BIG FAT NO!!! How many times has he apologized for the US on his international tours and talked of his globalist plans? He has announced private businesses salaries would submit to internationally decided salary levels and he is promoting amnesty for illegal aliens and an open border policy.

Is he directly in line with the sovereignty destroying globalist agenda? YES AND A BIG FAT YES!!! Even before Obama’s first month in office was over he appointed eleven Trilateral Commission members to the most important government positions. As Patrick Wood, director of says, this is a bold continuation of 1976 with the election of James Earl Carter.

We are getting surrounded

We just recently saw where Google has created software to track all usage of electricity and utilities in your home….drum roll, ‘Google Power Meter.’ So much for your home being your private castle. Dr. Jerry Corsi in his most recent red alert talks of this invasive danger and the very real potential of creating arbitrary levels of use and control, then citing violators and even establishing having more severe consequences for environmental criminals. What is to stop our Government from ignoring our privacy rights and submitting to international law and courts ever so concerned about our environment?

Oh it gets better. Rep. Earl Blumenauer Democrat from Oregon, has put a bill through, HR 3311 that would have our cars tracked by GPS. He has already had a test in Oregon where folks were charged for miles traveled and not fuel consumed. His big dream is to track the cars, charging them per mile, and then shutting the vehicle down when the allotted emissions cap had been reached. So much for a drive in the country to clear your head. Next are they going to track how many times we wipe our backside when we go pooh, then fine us if we use too much paper? Why am I giving them any ideas?

This Government and globalist forces surrounding and pushing our Government want us submitted to an International court and UN type Governing body. Issues they want to control and will control if we don’t stop them are the following and more:

How we parent
How much water we use and for what
How much energy and electricity we use
How much gas we use, where we drive our cars….oh yes, and what cars we drive
Our speech and religious freedom
Our education
Land ownership and use
Medicine and health
Gun rights

Stand up for the Sovereignty and US legal system. No - to any American Union; No – to any International court system that would grab up Americans; No – to any candidate, President or congress person who does not vividly stand for our original constitution, our original bill of rights and our sovereign legal system.

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I say we fight anyone from any party, any color or religion that stands with the global elites, the UN and any movement that works against our freedoms and Constitution.

The sleeping giant has awakened, now feel the fire coming out of its mouth!

� 2009 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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International Criminal Court (ICC) is the offspring of the mostly anti American, mostly Islamic leaning, Israel hating, global elitist and financial thug UN. Thankfully former President Bush refused to sign us into submitting to this court but MUCH MORE is needed.