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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 18, 2009

Congress finally cut taxpayer funds to ACORN the glowing community service organization that has made the Gambino crime family look wholesome. It is sad, but the more I hear of community service organizations and Obama’s involvement in them, you immediately think of falsified votes, dead people voting, folks voting several times, celebrities voting in districts they have never lived in and good old fashioned fraud.

It is old news, the dozens of indictments heralded against Acorn for endless voter fraud over the years, but now their community reach has been caught on camera assisting under cover Prostitute and Pimp in bringing in under age children from other countries to be prostitutes, while helping them dodge and avoid taxes. Bravo to this brave, undercover couple.

With ACORN’S definition of community service…..gee, when the Gambinos made a hit and a rival’s body laid on the ground was that service somehow? Line up the foreign, child prostitutes and lie on your taxes! Wow, I feel patriotic! God bless America!

Of course, is this the part, yet again, where we are racist thugs for happening to notice the endless involvement, support, funding and representation of Obama with this perverted and twisted group? Let’s revisit a few facts about his relationship with ACORN. His relationship with this group goes back to the early 1990s, way before he started his political career. In 1992 Obama was director of Project Vote, a division of ACORN. We all know by now what kind of voter registration Acorn supports. In 1995 Obama became ACORN’S trial attorney. He and ACORN sued the state of Illinois over voter registration issues. Obama also joined two known boards, again with strong ties to ACORN, the Woods Fund and Joyce Foundation.

During the 2008 democratic primaries Obama’s campaign paid ACORN $832,000. Naturally doing the soft shoe as Obama realized the growing controversy of his association with ACORN, he characterized his work as “staging and lighting.” Isn’t that precious?

Are we surprised that ACORN has been so anti American, so immoral and now caught on camera breaking the law? Are you also surprised that Obama would have spent years funding them, representing them in court and being on all kinds of boards supporting and working with them?

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Thank God just this week the House voted to stop all federal funding to ACORN. This is all thanks to some gutsy young people who went undercover and caught them red handed on camera. Let justice continue!

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During the 2008 democratic primaries Obama’s campaign paid ACORN $832,000.