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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 11, 2009

We always get into trouble as individuals and as a people when we forget the truth and start filling in pieces of the historical puzzle differently.

We all know by now what we were doing and how we felt the day we were viciously attacked by Al Qaeda on 9/11. I remember my Mom called me early in the morning that day and yelled over the phone “turn on your TV we are being attacked.” I turned on the tube to see the first tower in moments crash to the ground. My mouth dropped to the floor! People were desperately jumping out of the buildings and a nation was watching in disbelief!

How was the monster pieced together and who attacked us?

It didn’t take long for Al Qaeda and Bin Laden to start taking credit and to find out who hijacked the planes that attacked and killed thousands that day. They were Muslim radicals trained by Al Qaeda and answering to Bin Laden. Most were from Saudi Arabia. They were on a mission to strike the big infidel, America and they did.

We found in the following months the slimy paths these terrorists hid and trained in. They were peppered throughout many Muslim countries. This was not at all clear how to exactly retaliate. We ended up going into Iraq and Afghanistan, as we all know by now. We ousted Saddam Hussein and his two henchmen sons from hell, freed a people and have rebuilt their country as we pursued Islamic radical terrorists. It hasn’t been a perfect war, but Iraq is now sovereign, their infrastructure is built up and most sections of the country are safe now, not all quite yet. Afghanistan is still a work in progress dealing with various Muslim radical groups who hate us. Our troops are gaining headway in a very difficult situation.

Over the years since 9/11 we have bent over backwards to show respect and political correctness to Muslims living here and abroad. We have stopped plays with the 3 Little Pigs in them if it dared offend a Muslim. We have put up with Muslims getting special prayer times and locations at work, on and on.

In the days and months that followed 9/11 then President Bush and other leaders would talk about the war on terror and state in speech after speech that we weren’t attacking Muslims in general but a violent faction, hidden within the religion. Islam had been hijacked…..bla bla bla.

We were desperate not to hurt feelings, get sued and ok……..tell the truth. Certainly it wasn’t all Muslims who were to be feared or who wanted us dead, but, there were organized Islamic fundamentalists who were funded and making ongoing plans for our demise. Some were no doubt here and thousands were abroad and planning the next series of attacks.

I will never forget the celebrations and dancing in the streets that occurred on 9/11 with many in Palestine and through out the Muslim world. There were some anti American thugs even in our own country celebrating our attack and the murders. I remember how horrified and shocked out of my mind I was seeing the footage of folks celebrating our attack. Could this be happening?


Distortions that have grown over time

Though confirmed in many ways over the years that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda orchestrated and put forth the attacks on 9/11, many choose to rewrite history to this day. There are those I hear from who believe that the Jews brought down the trade towers and others who are certain Bush did it. Some say both did it while others think it was the global elites.

There are also thousands peppered throughout our culture who teach, preach and scream that our persecution of the Muslim world brought on these attacks. We deserved them.

I’m wondering which attacks we earned over the last few decades?

Clear back in 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt gave birth to all the Islamist radical groups and spin offs we see today. They taught and stated in their teachings that politics was part of religion. They have sought to take over the world with Islam using violence and whatever way will dominate a culture.

I remember the organized attacks back over 20 years ago. Remember when Islamic extremists seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran? This nightmare went on for 444 days. The militant Muslims held 52 Americans hostage. Finally after a botched helicopter rescue attempt the hostages were finally freed, hours after Reagan came into office as President. Gee, was there a new man in town?

Then we had the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut and 6 months later the horror show attack on the U.S. Marine barracks on October 23 that killed 241.

Our U.S. embassy was bombed again in 1984, then in December 1984 on a hijacked plane in Tehran, Islamic extremists tortured and murdered two Americans.

At the same time we saw the abduction of a dozen or more Americans in Beirut in 1984-85. Then there was the lovely gift by violent Islam again in 1988. Remember Pan Am Flight 103 which exploded over lockerbie Scotland? It killed all 259 people on board, as well as 121 residents on the ground.

The attacks and planning continued then came home

In 1993 a large bomb exploded at the Trade Center in New York, killing six and wounding 1000 back then. That nightmare was led by the blind Sheikh Abdel Rahman.

Then there was the Oklahoma city federal building linked by award winning journalist, Jayna Davis to Iraqi Muslim radicals, not just Terry Nichols and Timothy McVey.

The attacks continued in 1995 when a suicide car-bomber targeted a military training school in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, killing five American instructors.

Remember the USS Cold attacks and the twin embassies in East Africa?

There are too many Muslim radical attacks against us for the last few decades to list in this article. I hope you realize that there have been dozens of these attacks and thousands of murders of our troops and citizens well before 9/11 AND under Democrat and Republican Presidents.

Understand this before you jump on the anti Semitic and Bush hating bandwagon of blame regarding enemies to our country. Islam started pushing and organizing for a caliphate and world control back in 1928 with the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It grew and developed from there as an evil and determined, terminal cancer. We are still feeling the effects of it today.

On 9/11 please remember though we are not a perfect country we did not invent the evil intentions and inspiration of radical Islam….they did.

On 9/11 please remember that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, backed by Islamic, radical money attacked our country, not Pee Wee Herman, global elites, Bush, Jews or you’re ex boyfriend.

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On 9/11 please remember though we must be fair and careful in defending our country from harm…..politically correct, idiot behavior in how we even define enemies of our country is getting Americans killed.

Remember the real 9/11 and thank God for our country, freedom and troops.

� 2009 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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There are also thousands peppered throughout our culture who teach, preach and scream that our persecution of the Muslim world brought on these attacks. We deserved them.