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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 28, 2009

It didn’t take but moments after Senator Kennedy died that Pelosi and others started talking about the resurrected health care bill they plan to push. Now, magically, it will be the Kennedy Health Care bill. These jokers can’t wait 30 seconds before the exploitation and manipulation of Kennedy’s passing links to all the Democrat’s exploits, causes and bills.

Certainly no one with any manners on the right or decency will go against the memory of this suffering Senator who died of brain cancer and served his country as a Senator for over 46 years will they? We wouldn’t dare complain or say anything critical would we? “Quick! Just as soon as congress gets back, cram this health care bill through. We will call it the Kennedy Bill.”

All I can say is, it is a good thing that most bodies are buried 6 feet under in cemeteries so that the glowing, manipulators in congress have to take longer to dig them up and steal coins out of their pockets!

The US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted big time on Wednesday what was coming. She reminded everyone that having the Health care bill was the cause of Ted Kennedy’s life. He also said at the democratic convention in August 2008 that Health care reform was the cause of his life. OK, we get it. Anyone can see with his voting record in his 46-year career in the Senate that he was big on health care.

I certainly offer my condolences to Senator Kennedy’s family and don’t believe in making fun of anyone’s passing and struggle with cancer. I certainly understand massive injuries and years of therapy, pain and struggle to make a come back in national talk radio myself, but putting that aside, THIS SENATOR’S LIFE WAS NOT A PROFILE IN COURAGE NOR ANY MORAL HIGH GROUND!

Though he did stand for Civil Rights, women’s rights, Americans, Disabilities and Education, he was still the classic, extreme liberal who as most do, confused rights with murder of children including partial birth abortion. He voted to reverse the ban on partial birth abortion saying he didn’t want to interfere with the communication between a woman and her doctor. This is practically what every liberal says including Obama. “We don’t want to promote abortion. It should be used rarely but we don’t want to interfere with women’s right to choose.” “We don’t want Government deciding for your and your body.”


Naturally the Government doesn’t want to get in the way of you murdering your baby but they certainly don’t mind controlling and getting in the way of everything else in your life!

Let’s see…..

Nosy census questions that are none of their business, but we are pressured, no threatened…. to fill them all out.

The alleged Government health plan will access your private banking accounts; force small business employers to provide health insurance or receive massive fines; make end of life counseling mandatory for anyone on social security every 5 years; decide when, how what kind of care you get based on cost and rationing.

Government is most happy to try and control our auto industry, energy production, spiking electricity rates and controlling land. They want to tell us what we can do in our own gardens if they get their way.

This administration wants to control banking, education, health, major industries, energy and anything else they can scheme up and tax Americans for!

Much like Obama has become the Messiah to so many on the left and in the world, any Kennedy is in the Messiah family. I ask you. Would any conservative senator survive any kind of career after what Kennedy did in 1969? Since we are all remembering the other Messiah, Ted Kennedy, let’s remember all his achievements. That day, as a 39 year old married Senator, he was coming back from a drunken orgy with bimbos where folks were getting drunk and committing adultery. He got in his car with Mary Jo Kopechne,drunk as a skunk. He then drove off a bridge and crashed in the water. He quickly swam to shore and disappeared while Mary was left to drown alone in 7 feet of water. He didn’t even report it until 10 hours later. Perhaps we all remember the pathetic spin and big dogs surrounding him with an apology. No explanation was give other than he panicked. Forget, it was manslaughter, he left a drowning woman to die, he was committing adultery that weekend, driving drunk just for starters……but no, he was a Kennedy and the Messiah. Law and decency didn’t matter at all.

In closing, I do appreciate Ted Kennedy’s stand for civil rights and folks with disabilities but his legacy is far from clean with his support of partial birth abortion, his shameful behavior in 1969, his support for special rights for gays and frankly this current health care take over bill that only would shred real health care, freedoms and rights for business owners and seniors. As a matter of fact, the Government health care bill has NO relationship to the fancy health care plan Ted Kennedy was on. Is that the legacy liberals and congress people want? They get the fancy, “don’t wait in line” treatment, and we get the rationed crumbs that they decide on?

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I hope Ted did make it right with God. Because he was there alone, with no press, with no spin but with ALL truth and motives coming out….Ted and God.

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In closing, I do appreciate Ted Kennedy’s stand for civil rights and folks with disabilities but his legacy is far from clean with his support of partial birth abortion, his shameful behavior in 1969, his support for special rights for gays and frankly this current health care take over bill...