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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 31, 2009

Nicholas Romanov and his Russian Dynasty would be proud! Obama already has over 34 Czars and counting. Romanov was an underachieving murderous thug compared to Obama in the first 6 months. He only had 18 czars but with that extension of his hammer he murdered millions of his people, including women and children and destroyed his country.

When you talk of style and substance of this administration it is a government of numerous czars. It reflects a worldview of socialism, internationalism and communism. It demonizes individual and corporate freedom while bypassing government accountability through and with congress in many cases.

Let’s see now. Here are just some of the numerous extensions of Obama’s control hammer………WHO ARE ACCOUNTABLE ONLY TO HIM.

Energy czar
Urban czar
InfoTech czar
Faith-based czar
Health reform czar
New TARP czar
Stimulus accountability czar
Non-proliferation czar
Terrorism czar
Regulatory czar
Drug czar
Guantanamo closure czar
Pay czar
A U.S. border czar
Car czar
Economic czar
Intelligence czar
Great Lakes czar
Cyber czar
Copyright czar
Climate czar
Housing czar
Mortgage czar
Iran czar
Middle East czar
Afghanistan and Pakistan czar
Education czar
AIDS czar
Green jobs czar

It just keeps unfolding so that the growing dictatorship can expand its power, force and follow through. After all, things like congress and “the people” are just in the way of leadership and change. They don’t know what is good for America and the world. They must be told! These are tough times and it calls for tough enforcement!

Obama has given many of these czars power above cabinet-level officials who are actually subject to confirmation. Of course who needs confirmation, congress and steps in the way when you have people to control and lives to micro manage?

So far let’s see where these areas of tyrannical leadership are going.

The Health reform czar, Nancy-Ann DeParle must be proud. Though there hasn’t been a vote yet in congress, the bulk of this health bill from hell still reflects the worldview of Obama and the white house….paid for health care for ALL types of abortion, illegal aliens and forced counseling sessions every 5 years regarding end of life services (including assisted suicide) for any citizen on social security. It also includes a change from safe and effective treatment to cost effective treatment and much more. This will take away health care choice, force its ugly and controlling self on businesses and cause endless lines that will kill people. Welcome to substandard and 3rd world health care. Though Obama’s health bill is floating through congress, the backpressure and manipulation behind this falls in the lap of Obama and his health czar manipulating behind the scenes.

Other signs of massive control and economic manipulation lie within the arms of other czars answering only to the enlightened one. This involves the pushing forward of global warming nonsense, cap and trade and carbon emissions bills and regulations. Obama will attempt to tax, regulate and litigate coal, any real business that promotes any kind of normal carbon emissions flow. Watch this happen if we don’t aggressively call, fax and email our members of congress on this.

We’ve already seen the outflow of the car czar and pay czar with the take over and forced merger of Chrysler to Fiat and firing of Rick Wagner of GM. We have also seen Obama declare to international leaders that our corporate executives would submit to international salary standards. Naturally, no one wants a rape of the people, stockholders and steeling in business, but this administration seems to go to the next level and take away incentives for achievement, our sovereignty and right to decide our own salaries.

When is this congress and the people going to realize that this president is violating the core and guts of our constitution, sovereignty and freedoms! Wake up democrats. Where is your commitment to the constitution and freedom whether you are liberal or conservative? At least congress is pausing and looking a bit closer at the health bill. Shockingly as before though, several have dared to admit yet again they don’t have time to read the health bill over 1000 pages. I have asked this before and I will ask it again. Why is it not a crime and an impeachable offense for a member of congress and the Senate to sign anything without reading it and having a clue what is in it? If 1000 pages are too long than they should make a law declaring that they have Bills no more than 100 pages so they can actually know what they are signing!!!

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Socialism/communism and a dictatorial style are so far the legacy of this President and administration. We are seeing the ongoing betrayal of our constitution and bill of rights. We must vote Obama out or impeach him. At least his poll numbers are coming down every day and showing folks are waking up.

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Socialism / communism and a dictatorial style are so far the legacy of this President and administration. We are seeing the ongoing betrayal of our constitution and bill of rights. We must vote Obama out or impeach him.