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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 24, 2009

“Take more shingles off the roof. There is a window over there I want you to smash with this ax. Very Good.” Let’s see where this health care plan to rescue the perishing is heading. So far with our “leaders” mostly assumptions of the bill floating through congress (once again largely unread) we see the following with upcoming health care.

1. They will offer free medical care to the mystery millions of illegal aliens living in the states and sucking on our economy.

2. Total funding for all kinds of abortion. You have to get rid of those pesky babies that are in the way…..oh my goodness, did I get confused??? I meant “heads of lettuce in your womb that are shockingly shaped like babies, dream, laugh, recognize music and now we are told even have short term memory well before birth. Who cares! It’s a head of lettuce, a choice, a right and Obama wants it.

3. Forcing businesses to pay Government health care for your employees if you make a million or more. If you don’t, welcome to fines and penalties.

4. Establishing quotas and a rationing system of care looking instead of safe and effective treatment, cost effective treatment that defines itself by looking at the proposed cost of treatment and years the patient would potentially benefit from the treatment. In other words….translation…..put a bullzeye right in the middle of senior’s heads. They are just too old to waste too much money and treatment on. Doesn’t this warm your heart so far? This is how we treat our parents and the generation who has fought in several wars to protect our freedoms. Let’s terrorize them in retirement shall we?

5. No one really knows the money this absurdity and financial rape will cost….start counting the many trillions.

6. Tucked nicely 425 pages into this mostly unread plan from hell is a mandatory counseling session for all on social security every 5 years. What is this forced counseling session about??? END OF LIFE SERVICES. Let’s make sure our Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas are reminded of the glowing option of assisted suicide along with other end of life services. Of course, Obama and his staff can only hope that older masses will eventually be manipulated to end their own lives and free up money for more abortions! Let’s kill them coming in and kill them going out?

7. Your primary physician, representing quotas, immoral, redefining of worth budgets and agendas will be the Government. They will only authorize payment for treatment representing the cookie cutter formula, not the unique judgment of your actual doctor and your specific needs.

Remember, with this administration our worth as citizens is not valued as unique individuals with rights, young and old, given by God. We are expendable, widgets in a socialistic card deck that submits to global elites and international mob rule.

We must hound congress with faxes, phone calls and emails DEMANDING a no vote on any Government health bill from this administration. We not only can’t afford it but it is extremely immoral, conditional, socialistic and creates a sea of additional health problems as folks are forced to wait in endless lines only to find substandard treatment dictated from this Government.

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We are in the fight of our lives folks. Tell your leaders in congress, NO on all health Government control health care bills; NO on other over reaches of control into the private sector regarding the auto industry, banking industry, forcing FOCA, submission to international governing bodies and NO on any tax increases!!! Call all Senators at: 202-224-3121 Call all Congressmen at: 202-225-3121

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We must hound congress with faxes, phone calls and emails DEMANDING a no vote on any Government health bill from this administration.