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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 10, 2009

Now we are talking a second stimulus bill apparently because the Viagra and candy we threw out to the special interests and big boys in the last one didn’t work right. The American public thought there was supposed to be a benefit to them and jobs, wrong! Unemployment is almost up to 11% now, California is giving out IOUs and emptying their prisons of serious illegal alien criminals, while paying to send them back to Mexico so they can come back and commit more crimes. The US prisoners get to stay put but the illegal alien guys get their way paid back to their country according to attorney Steve Eichler of As usual, US citizens are chopped liver and all other groups and invaders are special. Then there is are glowing housing and retail industry which is moving like a pregnant turtle on drugs.

Now we want to infuse more glorious help to the economy to help it recover. You mean funding underground, green turtle tunnels under Florida roads didn’t do it? What about helping the special mice in the Bay area….at least Pelosi would make it happen…no? What about the emergency of funding and fixing over 30 bridges to practically nowhere? At least drunks could now ride to the bar and country club.

Warren Buffett has even compared the first stimulus package to viagra and candy. He said on Good Morning America that the first plan didn’t really help the American people and we needed another one.

This congress wants to tackle another stimulus bill, with their fixation on big government and wasted, “pay back” projects? At this rate we should outlaw the word stimulation! Perhaps instead we should send sedatives to congress instead of T bags!

Underground bridges for special turtles isn’t going to fix and save our economy and country. We are in a severe recession if not full-blown depression! People won’t start buying up products and cars until they feel their job is stabilized or they can even find one…. preferably that doesn’t get paid with IOUs.

The American people aren’t used to this kind of pull back and sacrifice in their personal lives. Hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs and homes on a regular basis and searching for answers. You can’t just go get everything you want right now!

The sad but liberating truth is that we must all get creative, look at our resources more efficiently and stop spending on rubbish. Secure your food supply and shelter. Buy cheaper brands, budget and think bulk. Look at your resources, who you know, jobs in your area and services you might do that someone is not doing where you live. Ask for the order and job several times and remember often a no is just an invitation for more information about you. In times like this remembers the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

Recovery on small medium and large levels will not be about spending more money we don’t have but about vision, thinking outside the box, discipline and being willing to work. We must stop wasting and focusing on our “wants” in a time of crisis if we are to recover on a personal, state and federal level.

Have we not learned a thing with this first crisis bill, full of Disneyland rides to nowhere? Most of our leaders from the President on down define and view, financial, national emergencies ONLY AS TAKE OVER OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE GOVERNMENT? They have played and are playing on the naitivity, fear and stupidity of the American people, many of which who don’t know real history and how take overs occur.

Desperation, created crisis, distraction and neediness are the only things needed for dictators to emerge and take over. We saw it with Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin to name a few. None of these evil giants came in threatening to sieze land, guns, rights and lives. These were the saviors of their time, so the folks thought…….perhaps you know enough history to know how the real story turned out for these guys.

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Suck it up! Remember what freedom and our constitution looks like. We must get our vision clear again and work with others in your area, state by state to get back our House, Senate and Executive branch. We can do it. We have swung far left into big Government before with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and others. We can recover and repair this time if we can re-establish our vision and get to work.

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Suck it up! Remember what freedom and our constitution looks like. We must get our vision clear again and work with others in your area, state by state to get back our House, Senate and Executive branch. We can do it.