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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 19, 2009

More Tea Parties are coming up around July 4th all across the country and folks are focused, angry and ready to exercise their 1st amendment rights again. We saw with the last flurry of Tea Parties on April 15th the slanderous report released by Homeland security and Napolitano and dispersed to fusion centers across the country. It identified as potential terrorists those of us who are against abortion, oppose same-sex marriage, are pro state and federal sovereignty, fear communist regimes, are against one world government, are not happy about the loss of U.S. manufacturing, oppose restrictions on firearms, are against lax immigration laws and the unbelievable one that still curdles my brain is…..drum roll…..returning vets!

That offensive and lying list ended up targeting 2/3rds of the country, certainly those who love their freedom, constitution and God. How nasty and how dangerous of us! We all remember Napolitano’s lame apology only to the vets after a huge uproar by the military when they were named after fighting for our country. All other insulted groups and citizens were apparently chopped liver. Napolitano promised to reword the Homeland security report. Who will be left in who is still targeted?

I have wondered on air since April, what will the Obama Administration have for us next time around? Tea parties are coming again and now we see that our Pentagon has defined citizens who blew up abortion clinics as terrorists……oops, no. Let me try again. Our Pentagon has defined citizens who commit hate crimes against racial groups as terrorists…….oops, no. WHAT IS ACTUALLY DEFINED AS “LOW-LEVEL TERRORISTS” ARE SIMPLY PROTESTERS.

This is classic. You can’t make bigger and bigger Government and take over the private sector while 2nd amendment rights flourish, freedom of speech on the airwaves flourish and privacy rights flourish. Government has to know. Government has to control. Government has to create crisis and fix things. Government has to threaten and terrorize and Government has to take over.

The real low level terrorism is not being perpetrated by the American people! In my opinion it is the take over of private industry, banking, slandering most of us in various reports as potential dangers and terrorists, submitting to international standards and salaries, passing an unread 1500 plus page stimulus bill that steals trillions of dollars from us and our children. I don’t believe it is you or I causing what does indeed look like the low level terror.

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We will continue to grow in legal protests, organize, work harder on getting real change in congress and with mid term elections. We must vote this President and administration out of office. Get behind candidates who are for defending and protecting our constitution, sovereignty, moral foundation, less Government, strong military, FREEDOM, manufacturing and less taxation.

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More Tea Parties are coming up around July 4th all across the country and folks are focused, angry and ready to exercise their 1st amendment rights again.