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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 12, 2009

It provides, it controls, it manages, it threatens, it apologizes to the world, it steals money from the masses, it even quotes from the Bible and the Koran. It is big brother, Santa Klaus, Mussolini, Stalin and Castro all in one. Did I forget lawyer and communist?

What is the view this week as our blowfish Government continues to swell in size?

The automobile dramas continue

Fiat now owns 35% of the ailing Chrysler. Prepare for the march of the tin cars that barely fit your old Barbie doll and dog. Is this the Government’s demented way of getting rid of obesity in our country, force folks to lose weight or they won’t fit into the new cars???

Other car nonsense

Remember when President Obama fired Rick Wagoner the former GM Chief, which was a first for any U.S. president and a horrifying over reach for our President! Now we have the next chapter in this drama from hell. We have Edward Whitacre Jr. the tall 6-foot-4-inch Texan assuming the chairman position of GM. Of course this big dog has built up various companies and has business experience. Only one teensy weensy problem. From his own mouth he says he knows absolutely nothing about the auto industry.

Wow! I’m so glad Obama fired Rick Wagoner who actually knew about cars and put in the former AT&T guy, Edward who knows nothing about cars. Maybe Chrysler/Fiat will have competition in making small, worthless but expensive cars. Gee, maybe your left leg can fit in one car from Chrysler/Fiat and your right leg fit in your new GM tinker toy car. Just hope they don’t get confused and go in the opposite directions. That would be a hard way to learn the splits.

Bank takeovers continue

Citigroup plans to convert $58 billion in stock. The bottom line is the US government will own 34% of this troubled bank. Many of its competitor banks are in the process of throwing back tarp funds to the Government, desperate to keep their independence but Citigroup wants big daddies help. I say, let them fail if they can’t figure out a reorganization plan or way to keep the doors open.

Nationalized health care is having a few rivals these days.

It’s about time that a big group stood up to the Government regarding their ramrod plans to take over health care! The A.M.A. has chimed in. The American Medical Association is letting Congress know that it plans to oppose President Obama regarding its redo of the health care system. The A.M.A. is the largest physician organization (250,000 members) and believes that offering a public option to the public will not only cost unheard of money but will practically destroy most private health insurance companies who currently supply nearly 70% of our health care now.

Restricting patient choice and nearly bankrupting and controlling private insurance companies is not the answer!

Finally, Obama wants Congress to rein in top executive pay.

Socialism continues its push by continuing to demonize compensation by executives. The Obama administration wants congress to make legal controls to rein in these salaries in the private sectors. Who cares about private boards, stockholders and various independent controls on greed and distortion? Our Government knows best. After all, some big dog might be earning more than a leader of an overseas corporation and that would be horrifying since Obama promised back at the G 20 meetings that we would submit our salaries to international standards.

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Isn’t the view in the neighborhood precious this week? We must continue to stay informed about bills in congress, what your local officials and politicians are doing and who is lining up who is a real servant, with real values to run during the mid term elections. Let’s take back the House and the Senate. We will get the White House back soon enough with Obama’s continued over reaching!

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Socialism continues its push by continuing to demonize compensation by executives. The Obama administration wants congress to make legal controls to rein in these salaries in the private sectors.