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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 5, 2009

As usual, President Obama mastered eloquence and timing in his speech in Egypt while kissing up to the Muslim world. Also as usual, he mastered vacant and misguided apologies from America, implying we were all the same and must be interdependent.

A few of Obama’s classic quotes:

“Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners of it. Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; progress must be shared.”

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”

Let’s start by confronting a few misguided statements from the “great one.”

First of all, some Government structures ARE better then others. Obama doesn’t seem to quite get it but most of the rest of us do. THE USA IS A LIGHT ON A HILL FOR THE WORLD. WE HAVE IN TRUTH BEEN THE LIBERATING POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD AND REBUILT COUNTRIES THAT EVEN ATTACKED US. OUR GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE, CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS IS UNIQUE AND A TREASURE ABOVE ALL GOVERNMENT STRUCTURES IN THE WORLD. There, I said it. Call me an arrogant pig but I’m right! Freedom and democracy IS better than totalitarianism, socialism and communism. None of those ideologies ever survive and they eventually ruin their economies, culture and people.

When America lead in taking out Hitler and the Nazi regime, it wasn’t arrogance that sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars to take him out. It was love for the world, freedom and respect for the sovereignty of nations and allies. Our Government, way of life and values for human life WERE BETTER than Germanys.

There was also nothing to be interdependent with after Japan struck Pearl Harbor. Once again in a different part of the world we were defending a better way of life and values. THEY WERE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Notice in Obama’s speech in Egypt, nothing was said about Terrorism, the aggressive and violent plans of Muslim fundamentalists

The U.S. and many places worldwide have endured non-stop attacks by Islamic radicals who deeply believe they are obeying Muhammad and the Koran’s call. Thousands of civilians have been murdered over the years yet that wasn’t even worth mentioning, but our need for endless apologies and misunderstanding Islam was?

The truth with the U.S. and Islam

We have rescued and helped Islamic countries and people more then any country on earth, including Muslim countries who look the other way in most regards in response to suffering from their brethren.

I give you the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Where was the Muslim outcry to defend their Islamic brother, Kuwait from a bold and ruthless attack? It was the nasty, arrogant and largely Christian, United States that kicked some booty and rescued Kuwait….with our money and might.

Also, at least Obama acknowledged that 9/11 occurred and it was an attack by Al Kaeda. I’m surprised with the continued obsession with blaming Bush and Cheney that he didn’t say Bush brought down the trade towers. There are still more speeches to come however.

Let’s look at our response to 9/11. Although far from perfect, we were attacked by an asymmetrical foe who was interspersed throughout the world. Iraq had known ties to terror through Saddam and so did the Taliban in Afghanistan, so we attacked. However, as you may recall we only attacked after months of talking, practically begging Saddam to comply with UN resolutions, which he ignored over and over. We finally went in and took him and his dirty rotten sons out. Though controversial and many feel we shouldn’t have been there, there now is an evolving, free nation, who have control of their own oil and economy. They have voted in their own leaders. I call that Muslim liberation, not exploitation.

As in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan was known for murdering and beheading people for sport even in the soccer fields for entertainment. They were vividly evil and also tracked to terrorism and a threat to America. Though we took out the Taliban, we liberated another Islamic nation so they could recover and grow healthy. Where were the Muslim countries when the Taliban went so extremist and was killing their own?

Then there was that silly little skirmish with Bosnia and Serbia. America was indeed the savior to Bosnia, defending its right to freedom. Just a small detail as we continue to apologize for being American, Bosnia was largely Muslim. Where were the other Muslim countries helping Bosnia? Once again they were absent.

Mr. Obama, I don’t want to be interdependent to the world. I want the US to be a light on a hill for the world, lifting our freedom, our bill of rights and constitution as hope. Our world view IS ABOVE most countries in spirit, style and meaning, but the American people don’t believe we are worth more than other people in value. We have always served and helped others.

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We just want to achieve, be free, keep our sovereignty and assist others from high ground in principle, NOT equal ground in compromise.

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Mr. Obama, I don’t want to be interdependent to the world. I want the US to be a light on a hill for the world, lifting our freedom, our bill of rights and constitution as hope.