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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 22, 2009

This Monster has many socialist tentacles

Nationalized Banks

Control central, the Obama administration continues to intrude upon, manipulate and take over industry after industry. First we have seen the intrusion and distortion with America’s banks. We know now that many Banks needed help from the Tarp fund AND MANY DID NOT, but amazingly all the main banks were forced to take Tarp funds or they were told no one would get any. Now many have been told they are not allowed by congress to pay back the money…..certainly not on THEIR terms and from THEIR realities. Of course, watch this Government spin their plans to control, run and manipulate the banking industry.

Control of the automobile industry

We see the same control, manipulation and some lenders even say threats with the auto industry. Chrysler was forced to merge with Fiat whether many involved wanted to or not. The CEO of GM, Rick Wagner was fired by the President. That kind of action has never been done in the history of our country. So we see the transformation and control of the entire auto industry, morphing them into businesses that make expensive, environmentally sensitive cars that no one would want in a million years. Forget getting a date for the prom Ted. When you pick your date up in your Tinker Toy sized green car that blows out legalized THC out of the tail pipe she will run and hide under the bed!

Control over Talk Radio

The last time around the Fairness Doctrine push got clobbered by the masses and radio broadcasters so boldly, it was pulled. Mr. Smooth, President Obama came out and said he was against the Fairness Doctrine on national TV. I knew instantly when he stated that he was planning to work the powers he has and the FCC to change verbiage, then push it even harder, under the radar and with new definitions. That is exactly what is happening. According to the Texas Association of Broadcasters Bulletin, Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2009, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell visited three Texas markets talking about several items but also…….drum roll, the agency’s “localism” proceeding. McDowell cautioned broadcasters that the now-dormant localism proceeding would be front and center once the new FCC commissioners are appointed.


This is the Fairness Doctrine Pie squared and on steroids!

Commissioner McDowell was also saying that stations would have a mandatory 24-7 staffing requirement and demand the main studios be in the city of license. As it is now for common sense economic reasons, many stations don’t need staffing around the clock, nor could they afford it! Many station and network owners, small, medium and large cluster their main studios together in one building to also save money. These two idiot requirements alone would start closing if not bankrupting many radio businesses. Of course that is what they want. Talk Radio is the enemy. We are the last bastion of freedom of speech for the people and usually say what is really on our minds.

Another rule designed to control and destroy talk radio is the FCC’s push (as soon as the new FCC commissioners are appointed) to propose community advisory boards, which would have mysteriously defined power to influence programming and license renewals.

This will be HEAVEN for the special interest groups on the left!

CAIR, Gay Activist groups, Extreme groups representing Illegal aliens, Pro Abortion groups etc…will line up to be on various community boards. This will be too perfect of an opportunity to destroy freedom of speech by leveling complaints about conservative or Christian programming, thus affecting license renewals!

We are seeing a socialist take over right before our eyes!

So far we have seen the take over of major chunks of the Auto industry, banking industry, and soon the medical and health industry.

In the line up of horror and rights violations will be the continued push into place, as Obama promised he would do, of FOCA, the Freedom of choice act. You know, the bill that would trump all states rights and sovereignty, force all hospitals, Christian, Catholic or otherwise, and all doctors, even if they thought it violated their Hippocratic oath, to give abortions on demand!

Also in the line up of horrors will no doubt be more slanderous reports from Homeland Security and various Fusion centers targeting “domestic terrorists” being pro lifers, Christians, those supportive of 2nd amendment rights, state and federal sovereignty, border security, less taxation and Government accountability and supportive of freedom of speech and Capitalism.

Just as Obama lied about his not being for the Fairness Doctrine, but really was, he and Secretary Napolitano also stand behind what was said in the April release of the Homeland Security Report. We heard the usual, half-baked and lame apology from Napolitano, implying a misunderstanding by Vets who were rightfully upset by being named as potential terrorists. You watch, they will work hard on forcing the Fairness doctrine to quiet Talk Radio and Broadcasters and leak various reports identifying more domestic terrorists. Watch what may come out around the next series of Tea Parties July 4th. Expect something….some plants in the various Tea parties to cause trouble and take pictures, some manipulation and a series of lies to follow.

What can we do?

We must work VERY HARD in our various states to get behind REAL conservatives who will defend sovereignty, capitalism, freedom of speech, our laws and the constitution. Work hard to help them get elected so we can take back the House in the mid term elections, then the Senate. Let’s pray and hope that this next four years that the Republicans and other conservatives get REAL CLEAR on their message and principles. They must stop compromising. Conservatives must deliver REAL candidates who can compete, have guts and can communicate from passion and love for their country.

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So far we have seen the take over of major chunks of the Auto industry, banking industry, and soon the medical and health industry.