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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 24, 2009

For more than just the first 100 days of Obama and his administration we have seen the contorted, manipulative and tyrannical push of global elites, internationalists and environmentalists linked at the hip.

We saw President Obama dripping with apologies to the world leaders on behalf of the United States. We are seeing parental rights being challenged and assaulted by members of this congress and the UN wanting to push Rights of the Child bills through the International community to TRUMP states laws and parents rights with their children.

We have heard and seen Obama’s kiss up to world leaders and literally bowing down to Saudi Kings on his G 20 trip. Globalism and Internationalism is the reality he worships and bows down to, not the God of the Holy Bible or the Sovereignty of the United States. There, I said it. Call me a nasty, domestic terrorist. Oh yeah, I already have been called that by the Homeland Security Report last week, the day before the Tea Parties.

Our heads are pulsating from the dripping of arrogant, global warming carbon emissions and sustainability speeches. Our world has been running head on with disaster and ruin because of most of us thugs driving SUVs, trucks, using too much gasoline, the wrong light bulbs, hair spray and enjoying too much success in America. People in poor countries die because of our success and achievement. Polar bears drown and children starve.

The more you hear the endless speeches about needed tax here and needed tax there to solve this make believe emergency from the Obama administration, members in congress and our glowing media, the more you can’t help but notice a few things.

You can’t help but notice that whenever our leaders scream about global warming or the environmental nightmares going on there is a critical and close alley, globalism and Internationalism close by. The insinuation is that we have to come up with more plans to swipe billions from the American people to solve the WORLD problems of environmental and carbon emissions melt downs that WE cause because of OUR ACHIEVMENT and USE OF ENERGY. It’s called global controls using invented science and emergencies to create the vehicle for global elites and International Governing bodies to swoop in and fix it. The tricky part is that nothing is fixed because the emergencies are fabricated and invented so that we can be manipulated and forced to give up our money. The Gambino crime family would be proud.


To the Global elites, environmentalists and Internationalists the following are the enemies and must be stopped.

Those who love and cherish our sovereignty, state and federal.
Those who believe in our 2nd amendment rights and don’t want gun control.
Those who are pro life and value life from the youngest years to the oldest.
Those who want less Government and less taxation.
Those who are against illegal immigration.
Those who are born again Christians.
Pastors who preach the gospel and aren’t posers.
Our military.
Talk radio.

Many of the above were shockingly covered as being reflective of domestic terrorism in the recently released Homeland Security report the day before the national Tea Parties. I added a few more that are also in the bull eye and will get continued heat.

What should be our American stand and view these days?

We are citizens of the United States of America, never a North American Union or other contrived, glogablist blob. Stand for the REAL United States.

We have a several hundred year tradition of Christian values, laws and traditions, where marriage was always between a man and a woman, where abortion was always wrong, where protecting and fighting for our freedom and safety was always right.

We were always a nation blessed by God and inspired by God but have turned away from God and are now falling under Judgment in my humble opinion. We must fall on our face and repent of our rebellion and sin before God Himself will heal our land again.

Achievement, enterprise and the entrepreneur spirit have always been a unique hallmark of our country. We have been allowing ourselves to be slammed down and are literally giving that unique heritage away. We must build back our manufacturing base, allow business and ideas to prosper again and shred the controlling and destructive taxation, litigation and regulation strangling free enterprise.

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Remember who America was, is and can become. It must be reflective of our Godly heritage, miraculous constitution, bill of rights, our own history and achievement.

� 2009 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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You can’t help but notice that whenever our leaders scream about global warming or the environmental nightmares going on there is a critical and close alley, globalism and Internationalism close by.