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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 20, 2009

Obama and his team, for the first time in our nations history put the controls of Census taking into the White House. You may ask, why does the executive branch have to control a formally bi partisan, non-political structure?

Why is the census so important to begin with?

I’ll tell you why. It is mandated by our constitution that we count our population so our Government can figure out tax distribution properly and fairly. Accurate counting of our citizens also reflects representation and appropriations of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives. It involves accurate representation of voting districts as reflected by the people living in them.

Allegedly there are major consequences that are clearly defined for committing fraud and manipulating an accurate report. The Census Bureau boldly declares they are nonpartisan, non-political and very dedicated to an accurate count. Wow! I feel so much better. I’m just certain then that even though our President has grabbed the reigns of control with this group that fairness and ethics will prevail.

Lets gear up for the big count in 2010

The bureau needs to recruit 1.4 million temporary workers, the door-to-door folks. To do this, they are employing help from more than 250 national partners. With all the help they will need and with all their non-partisan commitment to accuracy and ethics in counting how is it that they even are considering the Gambino Crime Family to help coordinate a big part of this count??? OH MY, that was a Freudian slip. Did I say Gambino Crime Family???? I am horribly sorry. I meant ACORN.

If you have read and studied any of the many cases of fraud across the country by ACORN workers in Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, North Carolina, and Florida you would have a HUGE concern about their ability to count accurately and care about anything but stacking the deck for their election goals.

ACORN can talk all it wants about its intentions but when you have seen crimes and fraud in so many states, so many years and times it doesn’t take rocket scientist brains to figure out that correct numbers will be flattened, manipulated and ruined if their workers are anywhere near the census!

Looking at the huge pile of endless cases against ACORN in the 14 states I mentioned you would have to give many of their workers an F- in math and an F-in statesmanship. Their crooked workers in case after case were signing up the same person, hundreds of times, signing up celebrities in other states, dead people, illegal aliens, falsifying documentation, using blatantly false forms, offering other people’s social security numbers, make believe addresses and signing up convicted felons. Oh, there was much more, creative and horrific voter fraud and crime involved. So, given the huge amount of fraud in so many states over so many years, HOW IS IT THAT THE NON PARTISAN, NON POLITICAL CENSUS BUREAU WOULD DARE TO EVEN CONSIDER USING ACORN ANYWHERE NEAR THE 2010 CENSUS???

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Just think of what is at stake

If you have groups already committed to cheating and voter fraud involved with counting folks in counties across this country, logic says you would simply have to know that numbers will be drastically violated and misrepresented to manipulate more representation and money in the direction of democratic strongholds. Why would this not happen when in every election fraud with voting happens?

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The bureau needs to recruit 1.4 million temporary workers, the door-to-door folks. To do this, they are employing help from more than 250 national partners.