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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 6, 2009

The gifts of the first few months

Obama has moved to nationalize banks and health care. He and his administration play word games with us by calling it partnerships instead of national takeovers. They can call it Pee Wee Herman’s financial playhouse for all I care. It’s still socialism and nationalism!

Then there is the total betrayal of manipulating health care criteria and payments!

We are seeing the payment criteria to Medicaid and Medicare go from “safe and effective” treatment to “cost effective” treatment. You realize that this shift puts a target right in the middle of senior’s heads and will make treatment harder and harder to get! Anything I guess to save money so we can give more bonus checks to CEOs and bankers.

Then there is the glowing strength of foreign policy

Recently Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has offered up 900 million to Hamas, PLO and Gaza restoration. Never mind that Hamas continues to attack Israel and says in their charter that Israel should not be a state. Never mind that our friend Israel is the one that has been horrendously attacked to this day and bodies strewn all over. We have nothing extra to help them with?

Did anyone notice that our country is in a severe recession/depression? Could any of our states with their hands out to the Government use 900 million for REAL projects instead of for terrorists attacking our allies?…..just a thought.

Lets see, Russia revealed a secret letter sent by Obama promising to take the defense system out of Europe that would only protect all of Europe if they would encourage Iran to stop their nuclear program. Of course, Russia revealed this letter and said to Obama we would be glad to talk with you about closing down your defense system in Europe but won’t consider talking to Iran. I would say that was an Obama, body slam.

Isn’t it grand what it says about our loyalty and commitment to our allies in Europe? Here, twist in the wind some more! We are doing very good so far, we have insulted Israel, kissed up to the terrorist group Hamas, been body slammed by Ahmadinejad, insulted Great Britain, all of Europe and been faced by Russia. Not bad for only the first two months.

At least Obama plans to close GITMO even though his own report and investigation demonstrated AGAIN that there was no torture and total compliance with the Geneva Convention. The detainees there get treated better than our prisoners… quickly, lets close it!

Through the horror and realization of the socialist and communist actions of this administration, I can only hope that the conservatives will snap out of their confusion and coma in time! They must redefine their vision, laced with a real commitment, values and the guts to see it through! Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness has always been the core of the Republican Party until they decided that compromising and popularity contests were more important.

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The only line that should be crossed is when the Democrats are drawn to the conservative’s integrity, passion, values and vision. Let’s pull them across the aisle not the other way around!

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Obama has moved to nationalize banks and health care. He and his administration play word games with us by calling it partnerships instead of national takeovers.