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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 13, 2009

Now you have stepped over the line you wanna be politicians! This is war now. I already knew this stimulus package had nothing to do with stimulating anything but was rather a bunch of porky pig entitlements and dreamed about programs that the democrats wanted for ages, but now this! The democrats and 3 turn coat republicans decided it was ethical, appropriate and also a national emergency to sneak in a national health care plan that would be run by the Federal Government, just like Europe. Daschle must be drooling from the ecstasy of it all!

Its bad enough that something so critically important as health care was snuck in without major discussions and reviews, but upon reading through it we find that along with national electronic tracking of health data by the feds, we will now have a new bureaucracy of control put in place, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. You’re asking yourself as I did what in God’s creation is this??? This is the federal department that will track treatments your Doctor is offering and guide them to a new level that will make sure they act more like a socialized mob, not solo practitioners with a heart and brain. Isn’t that precious?

The brainchild, inspiring this and wanting this with all his black little heart is Tom Daschle. He adores the European, socialist model of health care, where they push a sea of “cost” appropriate diagnosis such as “hopeless diagnosis” and “forgo experimental treatments.” The bottom line with Daschle’s position and the European plan is that seniors need to get out of the way. They should take less and less care as they age, certainly not get premium or experimental care if need be to fix a real problem. They should rather be honoring enough to stand aside and let the REAL health care be given to younger folks. You know, the tax paying sucker crowd.

The Federal board has their mathematical, socialist formula ready to role. According to Betsy McCaughey, writer for she says the Federal Council accepts or rejects treatments using a formula from hell, where they divide the patient’s age with the cost of treatment and looking at the number of years they will actually benefit from treatment. The bottom line is this! Older folks, yeah our parents will be waiting in endless lines for care, I predict as this nationalized health care plan rolls out there will be an organized and concerted effort to manipulate our seniors into having less care, being more content to suffer in silence and use less services. Daschle and the Democrats can only hope for the mother load………seduce the seniors into assisted suicide and be rid of all the expense.

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Don’t think I’m completely a loon. They already have legalized assisted suicide in Washington and Oregon. I predict this will be pushed nationally as the Obama administration rallies the troops to push the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) through. Just think of it. If we can kill enough babies and seniors we can heal our economy. Won’t that be grand? Excuse me, while I throw up.

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European, socialist model of health care, where they push a sea of “cost” appropriate diagnosis such as “hopeless diagnosis” and “forgo experimental treatments.”