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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 6, 2009

Where is the inner sense of restraint and personal accountability with our nation’s financial institutions? President Obama said this week that he had imposed a cap on the senior executive salaries for messed up financial institutions. Instead of the “big dog talents” getting several million a year in salaries and bonuses they are capped now at 500,000, if they have received a bail out from the Feds.

In reading all about this I was troubled at our Government imposing controls on achievement and business regarding salaries, but I was more troubled and horrified that bank after bank would DARE beg for billions in tax funded bail out money and not pull salaries and bonuses dramatically back in themselves. Why should we even have to mention this?

When millions in the country are losing their jobs and/or homes, when many are feeling the singe of the flow of what may be a depression, the last thing we want to hear is bail out after bail out, golden parachutes of 10, 20 or 30 million dollars reward for their failures, with an emergency speech thrown in.

I hate Government control and am most concerned about starting with common sense sounding controls with top executive salaries (that makes total sense in a national emergency), but what will be the other controls, regulations and demands of business?

Just recently, Dr. Jerri Corsi reminded us of the glowing thrill of the globalist/global warming crowd looking at all our national suffering and losses as a huge opportunity to insert and manipulate their change and solutions! Do you get it yet? Misery and our losses are the golden parachutes of the far left, environmental psychos and globalist freaks! They must have the struggle to swoop in while we are not noticing and collecting benefits.

Are we to hear in the month’s ahead dictates on what cars the manufacturers are required to make regardless of national preference and practical reality? I say, yes.

Will we see the nationalization and control of our main banks as Europe has done and is doing? I say, yes.

Will we start to hear “socialist” speeches about us all cutting back, thus giving more taxes to the Government to solve endless emergencies? Salaries might need to be cut everywhere and business achievement and profit swiped bit by bit, of course for the betterment of a troubled society. Watch it unfold.

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Yes, there should be significant salary limitations and spending requirements if a troubled company receives national financial aid, but a way to independent achievement and reward, not prolonged Government control, taxation, litigation and regulation!!!

Ronald Reagan said it best many years ago and was right! “Big Government is not the solution. It is the problem.”

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Ronald Reagan said it best many years ago and was right! “Big Government is not the solution. It is the problem.”