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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 16, 2009

Most sequels I don’t like but now we are to be treated again with another Groundhog Day movie, where things repeat themselves every day without end. It wasn’t enough insanity and betrayal as a nation to shred and force into retirement war hero, Lt. Col. Allen B. West, serving bravely in Iraq several years ago. You may recall, Lt. West had intelligence that a captured terrorist knew where snipers were hiding that were primed to kill off his men. This guy wouldn’t talk after several attempted interrogations by Allen’s troops so like any of us wanting to save lives and get to the bottom line, he faked him out by shooting at the ceiling and threatening him if he didn’t talk. The guy did finally talk and for you very sensitive touchy types, the terrorist was fine. In case you want the important conclusion to the story…….Allen’s men were all saved. However, as you may recall, the politically correct illness that grows like cancer through parts of the military, our media and members in congress, freaked out.

He went through public and private hell as his brilliant and popular war record was tarnished, shredded and he even faced potential court martial and prison, why, for scaring a terrorist in a war zone into talking and saving his men. I know, I interviewed him many times over the years. Eventually after a long and public fight, he was forced into early retirement after 22 years of loyal and brave experience. Here is the epilogue on this man. You might wonder, losing all he did if he dried up and became an alcoholic and lost all hope, not Allen. He went on as a civilian to serve our troops in Afghanistan. He was training and supporting our military even as a civilian contractor. After this continued service he came back and ran for congress and almost got elected this last year. It was a very tight race and he plans to run again much to our excitement. Lt. Col. Allen B. West is a rare bread. We need him in congress and continued leadership.

I had hoped against hope that this kind of nightmare would never again happen to our brave officers in harms way….WRONG!

Ground hog Day #2: Let’s Shred Capt. Roger Hill

Capt. Roger Hill was accused of detainee abuse, dereliction of duty, a mock execution and other charges related to he and his first sergeant, Tommy Scott’s alleged behavior with dangerous detainees. This all started when last August Hill obtained intelligence that several Taliban agents were working in his own unit and on the base. They had excellent intelligence that even tracked these enemy spies to Hill’s own assistant. The word was that they knew and were finding critical military information about strategy, movement and plans. They quickly obtained the identified enemies and detained them.


Now as idiocy and politically correct military rules would have it, there was a 96-hour window in which they could hold detainees then send them up to battalion. However, they had to request that and get a response from battalion within the 96 hour period. Allegedly there were issues between Hill and the battalion command so there was no response received. Hill was in an impossible situation, follow the 96-hour rule and let Taliban enemy spies go to kill his troops or keep them. Like any good soldier trying to fight and win a war….oh yeah and stay alive, he kept them.

Interrogations began and as with Lt. Col. Allen B. West, “Fake out threats” were used to get these guys to talk. Rounds were shot in the air and statements were made to scare the enemy into sharing critical info they were suspected of having. Again, for you extremely sensitive, human rights types…..after this incident was over and they were finally handed over to a U.S. Army physician and inspected, they were in fine shape. Faking the enemy out to get info in a nightmare, war situation isn’t the same as cutting off fingers, breaking their bones and raping them! This was a dangerous war zone, not a special on Oprah.

In case you ever so concerned human rights crusaders would like to know, Roger Hill was an award-winning soldier. He received a Bronze Star for valor and three Army commendation medals. He was highly respected and loved, just like Lt. Col. Allen B. West…..award winning, brave and loved by his men. Oh yes, there is that small pesky detail, BOTH WERE IN A DANGEROUS WAR ZONE!!!

For a whole, detailed outline of this case regarding Capt. Roger Hill, look up P.J. Tobia’s article, Dec. 14th, 2008 issue of the It is exhaustive and excellent.

What is the bottom line now?

After the Article 32 hearing, the Army finally offered to Captain Hill and First Sergeant Scott lesser versions of the original charges. In their plea bargain Captain Hill had to forfeit one-month of salary with a forced discharge from the Army under the heading OTH – Other Than Honorable.

Let’s be ever so sensitive. I’m sorry, I’m losing it!

How is it that a decorated war hero like Captain Hill was charged in the first place??? So what that he held the dangerous Taliban Terrorists past the 96 hours. He had strong intelligence showing their intentions and information to harm and kill his troops.

Even now, we have Obama saying he will shut down GITMO why because of “rights” of terrorists. Never mind that our military and leadership at GITMO didn’t torture high up detainees anyway. Never mind that over 63 released detainees went back to being terrorists again! Pressure Interviews in cool rooms with weird music isn’t the same thing as torture oh sensitive ones!

Why do Islamic Terrorists intent on killing us have to be treated gently and kindly? Why can’t we use pressure and even fake out threats to get much needed info to save lives? In talking just recently on my show with Van Hipp, the former Deputy Secretary of the Army, he suggested we use sodium pentathol (truth serum) to get info from the lying terrorists being held.

It’s not that I don’t have empathy for terrorists and their precious feelings but I have much more concern for the lives of our troops and citizens. Let the bad guys cry to Mommy or Muhammed in a cool room and let our military use all the fake out strategies they need to get the life saving info and keep a city from blowing up!

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For now, let’s do the right thing regarding the latest victim of insanity, Captain Roger Hill. Let’s write to the Secretary of the Army and respectfully request an HONORABLE discharge for the Captain, not Other Than Honorable!!! Help him regain some of his stolen honor he deserves. Ask Secretary Pete Geren to honorably discharge Captain Roger Hill.

Secretary Pete Geren
Department of the Army
Office of the Secretary of the Army
Washington, CD 20310-0107

Let’s stop persecuting our brave military officers in times of war!

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For now, let’s do the right thing regarding the latest victim of insanity, Captain Roger Hill. Let’s write to the Secretary of the Army and respectfully request an HONORABLE discharge for the Captain, not Other Than Honorable!