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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 2, 2009

Well, we made it…2009! Now what? What kind of change do we want and need? More critically, what kind of change is our leftist congress and new leftist President, Obama going to push into place?

Lets cover the major areas of need for our country that require the right definition, strategy, planning and action…..not change!

Threats from Islamic Radicals and Jihadists!

Islamic Jihadists/fundimentalists pepper dozens of Islamic titles, from Hamas to Hezbollah to Al Kae Da, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabism……on and on. Terrorism expert, Dr. Walid Pharis, Professor and best selling author of various terrorism and Jihadism threats, said on my show just recently that the movement of Islamic Jihadism has been pushing for an international Calephate and control of the world since the 1920s. Any country with freedom and respect for human rights is the enemy of those leading and funding these efforts. Why?…… because their leadership worldview is ancient and reflects the dark ages of control, no human rights, domination and Sharia law.

They want to take this imagined calephate of dozens of countries to the middle ages. They are sickingly patient and clever in their tactics, while the idiot western nations are moronically naive! Jihadists carefully analyze their prey and sometimes blow up people and buildings and sometimes they use silent jihad and infiltrate school curriculums, run for office hiding behind ‘minority status and freedom of speech issues that are contorted to role past our media right into power. Remember, to an Islamic fundamentalist, lying to infidels is not only NOT a sin, it is EXPECTED to achieve the goal of takeover and dominance.

I asked Dr. Pharis, “how do we begin to confront this insidious and determined foe?” He was vividly clear that first we MUST CLEARLY DEFINE THE ENEMY, ITS GOALS, STRATEGIES AND TECHNICS. He didn’t say, analyze and promote the sleeper cells here to talk show status and fame. He didn’t say, vote them into office due to our confusion of civil liberties and confusion of how to define minorities. He didn’t say, blame Bush for everything and pretend this is not a real threat! He didn’t say pretend and accept the assaults from the Islamic groups that we are racists and Muslim haters because we dare to define the REAL threat flowing through Islam.

The bottom-line regarding the ongoing and real Islamic Jihadist threat is that we must FIRST DEFINE THE THREAT AS ONGOING, DETERMINED and in our face in many ways!

Secondly, we must show STRENGTH to not only protect our values of freedom, bill of rights and constitution but STRENGTH in showing in numerous ways here and abroad that we will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any Mosque, school, organization or individual who promotes jihad, sharia law, teaches and preaches take overs in our country (investigation after investigation highlighted by Doug Hagman and Dr. Paul Williams has exposed much anti American activity and danger within our countries borders with Islamic camps masquerading in many ways with various nightmare teachings in mosques and Islamic schools). Remember, there is silent Jihad that infiltrates and violent Jihad that blows up bodies. Both are anti American, deadly and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!!!

Remember the target of these groups, really since the 1920s is any moderate Muslim country that has transitioned over the decades into the 21st century and is trying to move in the direction of human rights, rather than Sharia law.

They obviously target the western nations, Israel, the U.S. Canada and Europe. They have gained great ground, in most cases using these country’s, loose and stupid immigration laws, clogging their courts with civil liberties law suits, demanding separate Sharia courts (which many western nations have offered to shut them up), schools and stealing everyone else’s rights to free speech!

Our Moral Downfall

President elect Obama has promised to get behind the horrifyingly immoral and controversial bill FOCA, Freedom of Choice Act. This is also backed by many leftists and Democrats in our congress. If you recall this is the lovely piece of work that will trump states laws and rights that are currently on the books regarding the outlawing of partial birth abortion and abortion in general. This would force, even Catholic hospitals and Doctors who think abortion is wrong and falls against their Hippocratic oath to provide abortions. If they didn’t the hospital would face enormous fines, suits and consequences and the Doctor could face having his credentials pulled and more!

Other than the egregious violation of individual, state and hospital’s rights, it is the essence of evil and immorality, even looking up to hell! It is the added growth, promotion and organization of the abortion and murder culture which would continue and grow the genocide we already support in parts of our law and country. May God have mercy on us forever even allowing the first abortion!!! It always has been murder and is still is murder, no matter how old the baby is! We must make a societal stand against FOCA!

The global warming and Green nightmare

Expect the other push in 2009 to extract money from the masses to solve the environmental crises that never existed! However, with the Al Gores of the world pushing the mythology of warming and carbon emissions horrors, our idiot media and many in congress have bought into this! Who cares that thousands of scientists, trends and physical facts point to global cooling, NOT WARMING. Never mind that our world continues to go through cyclical changes every several thousand years, whether people and carbon emissions are flowing or not! Realize that we must fight this fantasy that will be used aggressively to increase our taxes, steal from us to fix the NON PROBLEM!

Health Care confusion and fantasy

Finally, health care will also be a manipulated nightmare of change! Yes, we have health care challenges but they are mostly a result of 3 things! Too much litigation, too much taxation and too much regulation against Doctors, Insurance companies and Hospitals. Medical science is so afraid of law suits that many Doctors now promote ‘defensive medicine’ which is the ridiculous suggestion of endless, stupid testing whether a patient needs them or not. Regarding the impact on Hospitals….you know there is a problem of absorbing lack of payment and lawsuits when a glass of water is $300.

If we want a positive health care revolution we must control the endless lawsuits against doctors which manipulate real care needed and prices that are OVER THE TOP at hospitals. Lets fix the best health care system on earth so capitalism and competition will work again at appropriate prices. Lets not morph our grand, envy of the world medical system into socialism and lack of real service.

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There is plenty to keep our eye on with 2009. We will have to find our voice to rein in this dramatic move to the left, socialism and taxation. We can survive this national drift to socialism, Marxism, globalism and moral relativism, but in order to really survive, we must remember and study our constitution and bill of rights….not negotiate it away! We must remember our Judeo/Christian heritage, which is unique in the world; and remember who we are in the eyes of God. How do you and I actually defend real morals in our homes, schools, laws and culture? Remember, harm to us and our country doesn’t usually come as a tyrant but then again, tyrants don’t usually come as tyrants but rather as Messiahs, rescuers, those who will reform, change realities for hurting and apathetic cultures. Don’t be in a coma in 2009.

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President elect Obama has promised to get behind the horrifyingly immoral and controversial bill FOCA, Freedom of Choice Act.