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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 19, 2008

As usual, the obvious escapes the Doctor and patient. The patient has sclerosis of the liver but don’t you dare tell him to stop drinking 20 beers a day. That would be rude. To some out there in la la land it is the end of the world and start of clinical depression if tough times mean cutting back on cable TV, dinners out, less toys and facials, and less visits to the mall. We have become a nation of frail whiners, desperate and addicted to casual entertainment and perks.

It’s almost too much for some of us to imagine cutting back. The same entitlement attitude seems to permeate many of our Governors and congress people. Its absurd in a national, budget crises, affecting so many of our states, that politicians wouldn’t as painful as it may be, pull dramatically back on spending rather than take more tax money from folks. Just one example of this madness is the Gov. of New York, Gov. Paterson. They have a $15.4 billion budget gap so naturally rather than pull stuff back and shut certain things down for a time, he is raising taxes on movie tickets, taxi rides, soda, beer wine, cigars and massages.

72% of our states are facing budget deficits and many Governor and legislator answers are simply to raise fees and taxes. THEIVES and IDIOTS! Try cutting back and stopping the endless spending while in an emergency state. Do these leaders think that in such a depressed market that it makes it any easier on the state to grab more money from working folks barely keeping their home and job?

Nobody likes it but in the market we are in, troubled and debt ridden, all of us, from the Government, state and federal to the businesses, small, medium and large, are going to have to slash and cut to survive.

Let’s revisit a few reality check moments from the great depression in 29. Folks had the intestinal fortitude, character and faith to draw upon God for their strength, make things instead of buy things for Christmas, help their needy neighbors, car pool or walk to work, put on more clothes or blankets if they couldn’t afford much heat and wait it out.

Now days, Government and many of us common folks have such a sense of entitlement that we would almost rather die than to live through any kind of sacrifice or suffering. The truth is and always has been, nobody owes you that new, fancy car. Nobody owes you that overpriced home and nobody owes you new clothes and a vacation every year.

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Shame on Politicians and other leaders for increasing endless fees and taxes in a national recession/depression! Gov. Paterson’s actions in New York are but a snap shot of what is to come with Obama. More Government control, more environment worship; less freedom, and less morality based on our Christian heritage. Fasten your seat belts and prepare yourself. Change is coming!

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Shame on Politicians and other leaders for increasing endless fees and taxes in a national recession - depression! Gov. Paterson’s actions in New York are but a snap shot of what is to come with Obama.