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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 28, 2008

As I reflect during this Thanksgiving season about our country and what to be thankful for, I am ah struck when I look at the real story and sacrifice of the pilgrims that first Thanksgiving with the local Indians. Instead of the big fancy Turkey and pumpkin pie meals we have today they had a bunch of Deer meat and venison. The key thing to remember is that though having fled to an entirely new continent, though fragile in health for many, though having to trust the Lord for endless survival needs and details they did. They were full of thanks to God and seeking His guidance in all things.

During this weekend I can look back on the evolution and history of our country and see the miracle working and guiding hand of God on our country, from overcoming the British in battle after battle that strategically should have been won by them but wasn’t, to the growth and establishment of our miraculous constitution and bill of rights! We really are a miraculous invention of God. The world looks on to our light and most want what we have and take for granted. Notice with all the criticism we have taken from so many over the last several decades, all the people are sneaking across our borders and breaking into our country. I don’t see many breaking into the Middle East, Mexico or Africa do you?

We see the Warning lights!

It is no surprise to any of you that we are entering a stage in our country where our way of life, our freedoms and Judeo Christian foundation are at risk. We have drifted and are drifting into socialist thinking and redistribution of wealth instead of capitalism and its accountability and achievement principles. We are also drifting away from our moral foundation. Some are trying to make God and expressions of faith practically illegal. Gays, illegals and terrorists are all most special, the rest of us seem to be chopped liver and are led to the “hater, racist” corner to shut up if we dare raise our voices in protest for the left’s overreach.

We tend to swing to extremes and look for a savior

We have now swung to the far left again, the pro abortion, anti gun rights, increase our taxes, talk to our enemies, give more rights to the fringe ‘special’ people, and dismantle capitalism crowd!!! Many of you voted this in. Now we have to live with it for at least another 4 years.

During this time rather than hide under the bed, see our therapists and cry in Mom’s lap, WE THE PEOPLE, the strongest branch of Government, who still have a voice in this country must LET THAT VOICE BE HEARD, locally, regionally and nationally. Regularly hold your congress person’s feet to the fire.

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Clarify in your heart this week what you think about our economy, health care, our borders, taxation, abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, our freedoms and religious expression rights and FIND OUR VOICE. IT WILL BE UP HILL……..BUT THE VERY MIRACULOUS POWER THAT CREATED OUR COUNTRY WILL BE THERE AGAIN IF WE HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE THE LIVING GOD AND ASK FOR HIS HELP AND GUIDANCE AGAIN IN OUR LIVES AND COUNTRY. YOUR COUNTRY DEPENDS ON YOU MORE THAN EVER.

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During this weekend I can look back on the evolution and history of our country and see the miracle working and guiding hand of God on our country...