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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
June 16, 2006

Too many far lefters and liberals are getting offended! It just ain�t right! There are too many areas for them to relapse on and feel disrespected with��like all the memorial crosses standing here and there for the last 50 to 90 years. Can you imagine the horror of driving to work and way up the hill is a cross showing respect and honor to the fallen war heroes. Its an obvious separation of church and state breach!

If only someone would have put a 200 foot high condom to honor our troops. What were they thinking putting up a cross? Even worse, after all his glorious effort, a federal judge just rejected Michael Newdow�s effort in court to make �In God We Trust� go away! Can you believe it? We could have had an end to the constant reference to God when we all know it is the sexually confused Goddess that controls the universe! Now, another liberal is crushed. Who cares about what the creator of it all thinks? Lets just send him another dress!

At least a former SS officer in Wisconsin is getting to put up a Hitler memorial because as we know the Holocaust never happened and he has to honor his hero publicly. We wouldn�t dream of taking away his rights at expression! Just because Hitler was in a grumpy mood one day and slaughtered millions of people�.he was just expressing himself and as the President of Iran constantly shares, the Jews brought it on themselves and even his key adviser Mohammad Ali Ramin said recently �Throughout History, the Jews has Inflicted the Most Damage on the Human Race.�

Then there is the constant offense of our violent troops killing in Iraq. Did Al Zarqawi even get mouth to mouth or life saving help while he was barely hanging on after being shot up? I bet you no one even handed him a Koran! Where is Oprah when you need her? Then of course there are the rumors of Iraqi civilians getting killed here and there such as with Haditha. According to the Washington times article by Jennifer Harper, the major TV networks aired 99 stories, many hours of negative news coverage on the ongoing investigation on US Marines regarding the Haditha scandal.

She also pointed out that from 2001-2006 there were only 52 minutes of positive war stories even mentioning the massive amounts of heroic accounts by our troops. Just one being U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith who was killed while protecting 100 fellow soldiers during the battle for the Baghdad airport back in 2003. He earned the Medal of Honor�����oh but who is looking? Why even acknowledge him or other countless heroes that are so common when we can honor the FEELINGS of the gossip and smear merchants?

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After all�..making up news, outlawing God and memorial crosses, restricting manger scenes is progress. How is the confused Goddess going to be heard if perverts and the lying anti war crowd can�t be heard more? Its time for an intervention. Our Government should hand out free medication to all and offer a free week of treatment at Mayo�s clinic for those who still must still put up with honest references about God, country and troops. Sorry Goddess supporters�..sorry Hitler supporters�..sorry media liars�..sorry troop haters�..sorry memorial cross meddlers. I just have one very empathetic and heart warming thing to say to you all�.stand in line and kiss my ever loving grits! Then�walk to a plane, get on it and fly home to Iran!

� 2006 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is the proverbial "pastor's daughter" when it comes to her sense of adventure and her independent thinking. Laurie is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit, one track, which landed her in Billboard's top 40 ranks and on the cover of Cash Box Magazine. She plays the piano, keyboard, and violin and has a voice that can penetrate your very soul.

In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations. What made the show a success was Laurie's on-air persona as she interviewed stars such as Al Green, Blondie, Pat Bennitar, Chicago, 3 Dog Night, Lou Rawls, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Christopher Cross, Men at Work, Billy Rae Cyrus, Diamond Rio, Rita Coolidge, and dozens more.

Laurie is also an accomplished Author, Cartoonist, and Artist. She has hosted successful radio shows in Boston and L.A. before going national. Tune in to The Roth Show, Weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm PAC and find out for yourself! You can listen live on cable radio network (live on the internet) channel 6 or visit The Roth Show web site and click on "where to listen" Call the Roth Show at: 1-800-837-9680










If only someone would have put a 200 foot high condom to honor our troops. What were they thinking putting up a cross? Even worse, after all his glorious effort, a federal judge just rejected Michael Newdow�s effort in court to make �In God We Trust� go away!