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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 31, 2008

Oh good! Now we see millions paid for Obama’s 30-minute infomercial plastered everywhere on national TV accept Fox. What a shock he denied Fox of the privilege of his presence. It was choreographed, smooth, a literal, acted out movie designed to continue and enhance the national seduction. Don’t you dare look at the man behind the curtain, the hideous voting record, the ongoing and lied about associations with former unrepentant terrorists, anti Semitic racists, Muslim extremists, communists and racist preachers. Just notice the timed rhetoric, cool clothes and hair and his hypnotic mantra about change from Bush.

Never mind the constant changes and slips regarding Obama and Bidens tax plans. First they are on public record talking about tax cuts for folks earning 300,000 and under. Oops! Then $250,000 and under. Oops! Then $200,000 and under. Then Biden slipped and said tax cuts for folks earning under $150,000. Of course we have the small problem (not to break the flow of enlightenment) of Obama voting last year in the senate for a tax increase for people earning in the ball park of $45,000 a year. Lets be kind though. Maybe Obama and Biden flunked math in school. Some of us are math challenged. According to that pesky thing called “a recent voting record” Obama wants a tax increase for someone earning as low as $45,000 which would make all the speeches and talk referring to the above tax cut amounts a big fat lie!

Notice Obama and Biden spinning and twisting their very real belief of redistribution of wealth, captured in radio interviews, speeches, statements and in Obama’s own book. I refer you to the now famous, ‘Joe the Plumber’ moment where Obama said point blank he believed in redistribution of wealth. Then, he proceeded to mock and laugh at Joe in the days and weeks that followed. Further evidence in a growing sea of evidence that he is NOT the empathetic Messiah of change but a socialist Marxist who DOES NOT STAND FOR AMERICA BUT DEMANDS IT CHANGE!!!

According to Obama’s twisted logic, corporations and rich people owe everyone else in society who already doesn’t pay taxes but indeed GETS PAID TAX CREDITS IN THE FORM OF REFUNDS NOW. That apparently isn’t enough to get a Government refund though you paid nothing in! Now, we have to punish corporations, the rich and other employers by stealing more of their hard earned dollars and give more gifts to the non-paying crowd. Remember, the major Corporations don’t pay taxes or the big increases to come anyway. They just charge you higher prices, so get ready for inflation if Obama gets in.

Won’t massive tax increases, decreasing and punishing entrepreneurs and productivity, then passing more tax increases to solve world hunger help our troubled economy??? It will help it all right. It will make us tread very fast into more poverty, less manufacturing and more national suffering. However, the elite at the top and those who already pay in NOTHING will be most happy with the emerging dictator who is Father Christmas with a nasty whip against those people like moi who don’t prefer change into socialism and Marxism.

I have a small problem. I get excited when I think about our unique and fought for constitution; our amazing and rare bill of rights; our national history of compassion, enterprise and brilliance; and our history of being a nation under God.

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Obama’s voting record, own words and associations show zero submission and love for the REAL things and values of God i.e. pro gay marriage, against gun rights, pro abortion, pro partial birth abortion, against defense of marriage act; pro cutting funds for our troops in a time of war; for talking with dangerous, outspoken enemies of our country without preconditions, pro tax increases for all….not just some. Yes he wants change all right but change also comes when cancer takes over your body folks. Snap out of your stupor and seduction and vote for America and for the truth!!!

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I have a small problem. I get excited when I think about our unique and fought for constitution; our amazing and rare bill of rights; our national history of compassion, enterprise and brilliance; and our history of being a nation under God.