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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 29, 2008

Its election madness and what do we hear from our selected Soros/Geffen picks Obama and McCain? We hear the endless concerns about global warming, environmentalism, and where not to drill oil. We certainly wouldn’t want to hurt caribou or other wild animals while drilling to retrieve our abundant oil would we? Of course why confuse anyone with the facts that wild animals like hanging around the pipeline and oil facilities where it is warm. It’s so much better to believe the mythology of torturing and not caring about animals and mother earth!

McCain at least is morphing towards the right side regarding energy and its development in that he is supportive of creating Nuclear power plants throughout the country. Obama is not home on this developmental issue. Having nuclear plants is a great and timely idea reflecting the 30 years of technology development with nuclear facilities. France uses it throughout their country and has never had a melt down.

We have never had massive casualties either with our nuclear programs, though the distorting media has demonized nuclear science so much it almost sounds like a nuclear farcicality would be the center of an active volcano and in the back of Bin Laden’s yard. Wrong! Last night I had scientist, Art Robinson on my show and he reiterated the timely importance of going Nuclear and its safety for securing energy. He also pointed out the independence this would give us, massive money savings and even put us into a position of exporting 30% of our energy. What a concept, you mean not to be beholding to tyrannical, American hating Governments for our oil and energy?

Regardless of who ends up President, Dr. Art Robinson is right when he states that technology, inventors and anyone who could help solve our energy needs and problems is held captive. They can’t do business, develop or perform the way we need them to because of 3 things…. regulation, taxation and litigation.

Government is simply in the way of our progress, of getting affordable energy, of protecting our food supply and really securing our national security by controlling our energy flow. We must encourage our Government to support capitalism, our spirit of inventiveness and business ideas, or, if you wish we can continue to morph into a dependent, 3rd world country.

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As the speeches continue over the next few months, understand that carbon emissions, global warming and mother earth is NOT the problem, our blind Government is! The world is not falling apart but we must develop independent and affordable energy without Government manipulation and intrusion. Most of us in real life DO care about animals and our environment and if given a sane chance would put forth common sense energy businesses of all types, mindful of balance and care for all.

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Government is simply in the way of our progress, of getting affordable energy, of protecting our food supply and really securing our national security by controlling our energy flow.