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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 15, 2008

What is Russia thinking? Why have they decided to be so imperialistic and aggressive and attack the free sovereign nation of Georgia now? Just last night I talked with Ret. Navy Lt. Commander Cy Huerter and Van Hipp, former Deputy Secretary of the Army, on my radio show, trying to find answers to these questions and explore what our response should be. I also consulted with media whistle blower and columnist Daniel Zanoza. In his recent article on this invasion he writes: “Most experts agree Putin, though not the official leader of Russia, in reality, is calling the shots in the former Soviet Union. Putin, who was head of the FSB, one of the successor agencies to the KGB, the dreaded Soviet intelligence agency, had planned the attack on Georgia long ago. Military and political experts say Putin’s decision to move troops into Georgia was skillfully calculated to coincide with the Summer Olympics, currently being held in China.” [Read]

In 1968 Russia pulled this when they invaded and attacked Checkoslovakia and got away with it. Our Secretary of State reminded us of that just this week. This is not 1968 but Russia is pulling this aggressive, rubbish again. They are still attacking and all over Georgia. Why now?

Why attack now?

Reason number 1 - They chose to do it now because there is momentum with the break away republics aligning with the west, gaining power in the world’s eyes, enjoying their freedoms and sovereignty. The U.S. was becoming a little too supportive and close to the nations surrounding Russia….Ukraine, Estonia.

Reason number 2 – They see the pressure on our economy, dollar and struggles with gas and oil prices. They also see the need to control the pipeline going through Georgia to the black sea. Russia wants that control back and sees us as fragile and struggling in that aria, so they think they can poke the U.S. more by gaining control of this pipeline.

Reason number 3 - Russia says now is the time because the U.S. is distracted and worn out with Iraq and Afghanistan. 100s of Billions of dollars later and lots of troops abroad, we wouldn’t dream of getting in Russia’s way if they attacked and behaved badly. The American’ will is too tired and distracted. We want our troops home not somewhere else.

Reason number 4 – Russia can’t help but notice our liberal congress with a lame duck President. Much of our vocal congress has not been really supporting our efforts to finish Iraq and Afghanistan in the right way and is not willing to acknowledge the real threat with Islamic Radicals. What’s to be afraid of? Obama and a host of other congressman just want to ‘talk.’

Reason number 5 - Putin can’t help but rejoice when he sees the endless concern over extending habeas corbus rights to terrorists, our demonizing of Gitmo and detaining these high level terrorists while the war is going on. We have practically given them talk shows!

Reason number 6 – Putin watched us do nothing but talk and even with threats to N. Korea regarding them going nuclear we did nothing. He is watching us talk and retreat again and again with Iran. Why shouldn’t he jump in and conquer old Russia back?

Putin has learned we are more concerned about feelings than safety; there is division in our congress regarding how to define the dangers we face and the war we are in; and we are worn out, struggling economically and don’t want any more trouble.

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When I asked Van Hipp and Ret. Lt. Commander Cy Huerter how we should respond to Putin and Russia they said that we must respond in clarity and strength. We should send in not only aid (which we are) to Georgia, but a battle ship or carrier in that area, while exploring sanctions, and uniting many countries including the U.N. against their actions (This seems to also be happening). No one wants a blood bath and another war, but we cannot ignore the attack on a free, sovereign nation. May we be clear, strong and tough as a country while rallying the free world against Russia. Pay attention Puttin.

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