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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 1, 2008

This last week we saw the horrifying news regarding the decision of the 5th circuit court of appeals against Agent Ramos and Compean, once again showing that justice isn’t always served in a court of law, nor does common sense prevail in many cases. At least we have some sane politicians in congress who see the insanity of this case and that these Agents were even arrested, like Rep. Duncan Hunter, who just sent a formal letter to our President’s desk asking for a full pardon. It had a ton of other signatures on it as well, so we can only hope President Bush sees the light on this one.

It’s amazing to me as one goes through the mind field of the endless absurd headlines in the news that any of us are off medication and out of therapy! Just yesterday I couldn’t help but notice that the California AG wanted to sue Nestle Waters North America, a water bottling plant because he was concerned about their messing up the environment and promoting problems with climate change… warming. I’m just certain when the AG causes the proper research in this area that they will find that where ever the plant would pull up water from the ground that ‘lava’ would start flowing, threatening towns down below. You see, global warming is a critical risk to all. What am I thinking? I almost forgot the 10 or 15 Polar Bears that would die each month due to the trauma of water being pulled out of the ground and causing lava to bubble up.

As I’m sick to my stomach about the real suffering of Agent Ramos, Compean and their families, we have global warming obsessions pulled right out of Fantasy Island Reruns over and over. Then there was the 44-pound cat that has now been invited on talk shows now. Has Brittany Spears shaved her head again or has Anna Nichol’s ghost appeared anywhere in between the global warming disasters?

I’m thinking I can start writing the headlines having learned just what the priorities are these days.

Headlines of Interest:

Girl scout troop in Oregon is held and arrested at the border due to the amount of carbon emissions left at their campsite. Rare, dead flies and mosquitoes were found on the outskirts of their tents, proving that the girls were involved with deadly activities.

The Fairness Doctrine will be instituted as an executive order under President Obama. As of January 2009. Programs discussing Islamic Fundamentalism and Al Kaeda will be countered by ‘Bin Laden and your health’ ‘Sharia Law/handcuffs that matter’ ‘U.S. Military and other serial killers’

Christian Radio will have balanced counter programs such as ‘Exploring sex with your child’ ‘Gay and Polygamous marriage’ ‘Satanism, the underdog Religion, victim of endless hate speech’ ‘Finding Jesus and suing Him’

Other headlines include:

Those identified with the following criminal classifications and behaviors have 2 weeks to correct the problems or face immediate arrest by authorities.

Carbon emission emergency laws:

Those who drive SUVs must take them to a registered SUV graveyard in your county.

Those who have standard light bulbs must report them and turn them into an emergency light bulb center immediately.

Those who live until age 70 must either kill yourself or check yourself into a carbon emission reduction center, where you will be put to sleep. There will be no cheating on your allotment of carbon emissions.

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The way our congress and the Al Gore’s of the world lift up global warming and environmentalism as a religion to be worshiped I expect more attempts at idiot laws to steal money from the U.S. taxpayer to fund it. In studying this religion, the only unpardonable sin I can find in it that will send you straight to hell is ‘being human’. Animals and nature are worshiped.

Can I have my medication now as I contemplate releasing more carbon emissions?

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It’s amazing to me as one goes through the mind field of the endless absurd headlines in the news that any of us are off medication and out of therapy!