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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 25, 2008

Aren’t’ you relieved that Obama showed such good judgment as the wanna be next President to get rid of that pesky, annoying American flag painted on his 757 campaign plane? He had his crew do a month long makeover and paint his “O’ symbol on the tail where the flag had been. Then of course, he whisks off to his trip to the Middle East and Europe. Of course he promised Jewish folks last week that he wouldn’t split up Jerusalem, then was quick to tell the Palestinians this week that was a misunderstanding and that he would be open to splitting up Jerusalem. Come close, go away; you are in you are out; its extremely clear isn’t it?

Just what is it that the wanna be President wants to portray about himself? Obviously, at least in part that he is ashamed of our flag and thrilled with his Obama symbol. You see, with all his travels, you wouldn’t want the world thinking you were patriotic to the U.S., its flag, sovereignty and history when you could be gearing up to be the International, environmentally friendly President who is a globalist and serves the spirit of Marxism and communism……commonly held this, government controlled that, fixing world hunger of course by manipulating tax money from the American people. After all as he has shared before and reinforced with taking off the American flag on his plane, displaying the flag can be offensive, divisive, create separation of sorts. You wouldn’t want that as President of the United States.

So, along with the flag disappearing from his campaign plane as he flies around the world he has also reminded us about the reason and roots of suffering terrorists. He said just recently according to world net daily and Aaron Klein that Obama refers to al-qaida lacking empathy and Obama lecturing and blaming terror on poverty, ignorance and despair. Of course, I wonder if that is the same poverty and misery that fueled the millions of dollars behind the 9/11 hijackers, led by the multi millionaire Osama Bin Laden? Then there has been the ongoing millions of dollars and star treatment behind most Islamic fundamentalist, terror groups for decades now. Obama doesn’t seem to have registered yet in his vast wisdom that most of the poverty, suffering and horror experienced by most Muslims is at the hand of their own Muslim leaders.

Did Obama ever notice in between taking the Flag off planes and lapels that our country is the one who has spent hundreds of billions to build up, free and support Afghanistan and Iraq. Before that we liberated and defended Kuwait. We have restored oil, commerce and freedom in those cultures, not their rich Muslim neighbors and friends. They just watched and contributed to the persecution and suffering for years.

When is the American Public going to stop the Obama worship train? When are we going to finally notice, not the ‘sound bites’ but the real and endless connections that do nothing but create endless questions as to his real loyalties? Just a mini review of some of these: Remember the William Airs connection, the story I broke on my national radio show and wrote an article released that day on; (weather underground fund raiser and friend), Professor Kalidi, PLO sympathizer who brought the President of Iran over (also a big fund raiser for Obama), Toni Resko (Fund raiser, colleague who was indicted and convicted this year), Reverend Wright scandal: mysterious birth certificate; Where is the real one???

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What about the communist connection that Cliff Kinkaid, editor of Accuracy in Media pointed out and documented? He has proof of Frank Marshall Davis being an identified member of the Communist Party USA and being a close mentor of Obama in Hawaii. When Cliff approached Drudge with this news, Drudge turned him down. Why? If there was a known, communist mentor found in McCain’s past would the media not be drowning in their own drool?

Don’t we want someone for President who defends our country, our flag, our traditions, identifies the real evil and bad guys and supports achievement and capitalism? Don’t be suckered in.

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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When is the American Public going to stop the Obama worship train? When are we going to finally notice, not the ‘sound bites’ but the real and endless connections that do nothing but create endless questions as to his real loyalties?