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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 4, 2008

The Fairness Doctrine (translation: unfairness doctrine) continues to raise its ugly head. Nancy Pelosi said just this week that she was personally for it and would even block debate on the Broadcaster Freedom Act – which would ban the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Why would you not want to finally get rid of the Fairness Doctrine if you were supportive of freedom of speech for all, including liberals and conservatives?

At a news conference on Capital Hill the Speaker was asked if she would allow debate on the Broadcaster Freedom Act. Here is her award winning answer. She said no because the interest of her caucus was in the reverse. The vote was 309-115 against the Fairness Doctrine the last time around folks. Regardless of the huge majority against this unconstitutional nightmare, Pelosi doesn’t seem to care because she is blocking this from coming to the floor for debate to find a permanent solution. It’s too bad the Berlin Wall and Communist Russia were disbanded because Pelosi could have been right at home serving there with her dictatorial style.

Its horrifying and un American enough when the vote and will of the people have spoken and a Judge with an agenda trumps that vote and rewrites law from the bench, such as the gay marriage push in California, even though the vast majority previously had voted against it. It’s even more egregious when you are the speaker, the leader of the House who is supposed to reflect the will of the people on issues reflected by the votes of the congressmen. What’s not to understand with a vote of 309-115 against the Fairness Doctrine? Obviously the masses have spoken to their congressman and want freedom of speech on the airwaves protected, so who cares about a caucus, a club, a party, a personal control battle, or any other thing? Lead and serve or get out!

Many of you may recall elements of the Fairness Doctrine they have tried to cram down our throat over the years. Don’t be fooled by the manipulative wording “Fairness”. This would force a conservative or religious station to represent the opposite view in the area they are heard in and to put together a board reflective of the different groups in an area, even if some of them were the antithesis of the mission and vision of the station. For instance, if you were a Christian station in San Francisco you would have to give fair time to the gay agenda or be the victim of all kinds of fines, delays by the FCC and complaints. The bottom line with this un-American Fairness Doctrine would be to sooner than later hush up Christian and conservative talk radio. Why? The expenses and hassles would either force stations to the 50 yard line of compromised, boring shows that say nothing of substance, or cause them to go out of business due to the expenses of dealing with the complaints, delays and fines, which would no doubt be an organized strategy across the U.S. from the far left.

Our freedom of speech rights are a core foundation of our constitution, history and country. They are not to be manipulated away because someone doesn’t care for our opinion. Liberals and gays now can develop their broadcast skills and get on the radio with their message. If you have something to say that resonates with the public and the will to get a job on radio go for it. I can always turn the dial if I can’t stand you. That is the American way. That freedom and tradition also covers conservatives and Christians.

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Turn the dial if you don’t like that also. If you want to continue to listen to conservative and Christian talk radio help support freedom of speech now by standing behind Rep. Mike Pence who has put forth the Discharge Petition, which would break the bottleneck and finally get this to the floor for an up or down vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act. The challenge is that they need 23 more votes to get this to the floor for a vote. Go to and sign the petition, I did. We do not want our Government telling broadcasters what they will air and what you will hear.

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Our freedom of speech rights are a core foundation of our constitution, history and country. They are not to be manipulated away because someone doesn’t care for our opinion.