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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 27, 2008

There is a Religion that has been growing in stature over the last decade. Now it is becoming one of the most powerful, well funded and organized Religions ever. It is the Religion of “environmentalism” and worship of animals and nature. In this Religion people are in the way and way down the totem pole of worth next to animals and nature. The organizations and people behind this have unlimited amounts of money, both foreign and domestic. Their goal is to control land, people and the world, having ultimate, global power and money. If you look at The Earth Charter you get the idea. They use all sorts of manipulative language hoping you don’t notice it is the worship of animals and nature with you and I being the unpardonable sin. We are the endless cause of carbon emissions and problems.

If you think I’ve waxed a little insane and conspiratorial, why are we seeing the environmentalists cramming bills and laws into place at the state and federal level, trying to seize millions of acres of property all across this country? You may not have followed or tracked just how many areas across the U.S. are being studied to turn into national parks and wetland areas. Right now there is a study group looking at turning the entire Mississippi river into a national park. Translation, that would mean seizing, hundreds of thousands of acres all around the river that would have to be morphed into wet land areas. Goodbye farm lands and major food sources for America. Now the farmers, land and business owners would be controlled, regulated and go through permit hell before they could do things with their property, water crops and act like normal farmers.

I interviewed Chuck Cushman, director of last night and asked him how the environmentalists position and manipulate their land grabs. He said they first circle a big chunk of land, like the Y to Y corridor (Yukon To Yellowstone Land Grab) use the excuses in congress of “clean water” “preserving national treasures and wetlands” nature and certain animals. Once the take over happens, farms and businesses within the mapped area notice the new regulations and permit process that is unfolded to do any normal thing with the land. Roads here and there begin to be closed because they are compromising to animal life or plant life. At this stage you see businesses and farms starting to perish due to traffic diminishing and regulations and permits overwhelming the people. Hark, the good news is that the Bruno snail and trees are happy.

Allow me to share with you a few of the many land grabs that have been or are in the works now. S 2739 Omnibus Parks Bill, Rim of the Valley, HR 2421 Clean Water Act (Wetlands), S 1870 Senate Wetlands, HR 3287, HR 2593 Grijalva Border Wilderness, Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Yukon To Yellowstone Land Grab, Bouquot Canyon Fire Threat. In addition, there is a current study group looking at turning in the entire Mississippi river into a national park.

These land grab attempts are unconstitutional and don’t reflect the original purpose in our constitution for using eminent domain for a city to finish a highway or stop blight in an area. As you may recall in the Kelo v.s. New London decision in the Supreme Court, they ruled that even a major corporation can trump the rights of the small business and homeowners. The City and big corporation won because the city would make more money and tax revenue with the big corporation developing the area. Since then many states have limited the use of eminent domain.

This environmental religion of control has allies with the global elite crowd who want to eradicate sovereignty and turn us into a Tri Country region called the North American Union.
Another arm of control within this group are the gun control people. To have ultimate power, you must control the land, food supply, guns and of course the money.

Thankfully, at least we still have some in congress and in courts who are doing their job and reflecting U.S. law, not rewriting it. We just saw a landmark ruling affirming an Individuals second amendment right to own a handgun. In what was a 5-4 ruling in in favor of gun rights in District of Columbia v. Heller. This is great news for folks who actually want to live a little longer in D.C. Now they can actually protect themselves from intruders and use their 2nd amendment rights.

Even with this great ruling, it was a close vote and the gun control freaks will continue to push against gun rights. Remember the obscene bill that was voted in by congress, 27 CFR 478.11, which prohibits a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, a kid on Ritalin in connection with the IDEA program, a senior diagnosed with Alzheimers, and other seniors who continue to live in their homes but are under guardianship by their adult children from owning guns? This actually passed. Thank you vets for your fine service to our country, now let us have your guns! This law was passed even though none of the groups above would have criminal records or be proven a danger to self or others. There are all kinds of other gun control measures afoot such as wanting to take guns out of national parks.

These are sadly the days when powerful elites really are pushing aggressively to take our guns, seize our land and food supply and create a one world Government and religion. It is critical that we not hide but organize and let our legislators know how we feel about eminent domain takeovers, gun rights attacks and the north American union and super highway.

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If you are feeling threatened with land takeovers, go to and contact Chuck Cushman. His organization has a history of fighting and getting help for folks whose land rights are being attacked. You can win. I am living in one of the proposed take over areas in N.E. Washington state. If you want to keep your 2nd amendment rights and fight for them with intelligence go to Gun owners of America is a very progressive and aggressive organization that has stopped insanity regarding our gun rights many times. Jump in and help save our country. Forget the buffoons running for various offices, vote as best you can but use your voice and collective power by acting as “we the people”. Congress does respond to calls, faxes and emails. We are in a critical time in our country. We all need to exercise our power.

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Thankfully, at least we still have some in congress and in courts who are doing their job and reflecting U.S. law, not rewriting it. We just saw a landmark ruling affirming an Individuals second amendment right to own a handgun.