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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 13, 2008

Slippery slope of those who challenge and manipulate our 2nd amendment rights

How many slippery slopes to stupid Ville and denial of our freedoms must we endure? We have seen for decades many anti American liberals, desperate about the masses exercising their 2nd amendment rights because law abiding citizens simply owning guns cause by default, Columbine, 9/11, sniper shootings and all other violence. Of course it would never be evil with a plan and a mission! It’s the “tool” that causes everything bad. The slide has not only been insulting and stupid with this line of reasoning from some in congress, our media and “big fancy” people, but also full of BETRAYAL with the effort last year to take away the guns and rights of many of our vets who had dared to get help for a few emotional, mental or adjustment problems having returned from battle or danger from serving our country. Keep in mind, this slippery slope didn’t include a criminal record of any kind to warrant taking the guns from a soldier experiencing adjustment pain. Even the mere mention of such a violation against our troops is criminal in my view. Are we next going to hear a suggestion by some wackoids in congress that anyone going through a divorce, who is manic depressive, is recovering from sex abuse, not have gun rights due to the scary tears and pain???

Slippery slope of compromised border security and the real agenda to eradicate our borders.

Other slippery slopes into losing our freedoms involve the endless game playing, manipulating of definitions and diatribe regarding the securing of our borders. Since 1965 with Kennedy’s immigration bill that turned our balanced immigration policy into “toys r us” for any illegal alien, we have seen this slippery slope turn into a thriller slide of most likely 30 million mystery people. Of course, all these folks are poor Mommies and babies just wanting work and to find food…….WRONG! 1/3 end up in our prisons, join gangs, participate in massive drug cartels, other major crimes and participate in taking ALL kinds of US jobs away from US citizens, while we hear the endless speeches on family values, “they are simply doing what no one else will do here.”

As many of us begin to notice and realize the aggressive push toward the North American Union and Super Highway cutting through our heartland by our President, global elitists and greedy corporations who want slave labor, this slope begins to make total sense. Its been a big plan for some time to dumb us down, “poor” us up by sucking our manufacturing away to other countries, turn us into a new entity, a tri country region, with a new currency and an international governing body that will eventually trump states laws and sovereignty into submission.

Thus, the never-ending push against our gun rights. Eventually it will be too costly for us all to have guns. Thus the never ending push for amnesty with illegal aliens and looking the other way on borders;

Slippery slope of seizing our property in the name of city, state or federal values or goals.

Now according to the TOTALLY wrong and DANGEROUS supreme court decision in Kelo vs. New London in 1995, now we have to be concerned about BIG CORPORATE goals, not just city or government needs stealing our land.

I remember in horror the case of Kelo v. City of New London, where smaller homes and active businesses were totally trumped by the city wanting “improvements” “bigger business, which would only serve everyone in the city”, thus the trashing of the smaller home and business owners land rights. Part of the argument by the city was the city needed this kind of development to help their troubled economy. Its rather interesting that the Fitch bond rating service gave New London’s basic obligation bonds a solid investment grade rating of AA-, not exactly a town sick and dying friends. The fight began and traveled all the way to the Supreme Court of the land, where you would suppose and hope that the Supremes backed the small home and business owners since it was big corporation that wanted their spots and not government….NOT! They rendered the opposite position, in support of the rights of corporate take over and challenge to be added to city and government challenges for eminent domain. The big rational by the city of New London against the small business owners and homeowners was that the “bigger corporation and building project” would be good for the city overall. Following this line of rational to excuse eminent domain, any person who is not beautiful, tall and popular should lose less and less constitutional rights the shorter they are, the uglier they are and the less money they have. Only the prom queens and kings can have their full bevy of rights and privileges. WHO CARES ABOUT THE BETTERMENT OF A CITY! NO CITY IN AMERICA WILL BE BETTER IF IT IS BUILT ON THE CORPSES OF INNOCENT VICTIMS, HOMES, FARMS AND BUSINESSES!

You’ve perhaps heard the saying “what goes around comes around.” Interestingly enough since this Supreme Court ruling, 21 states enacted laws that severely inhibit the takings as reflected in the Kelo decision. 21 other states enacted laws and placed some limits on the power of municipalities to invoke eminent domain regarding economic development. Finally, 8 states already prohibit the use of eminent domain for economic development except for blight.

Another slope involves becoming very ill because of our food.. Why is our Food supply not being cleaned and protected as it should?

We are seeing millions get sick every year due to the lack of care and concern over our food supply, how it gets to our stores, where it comes from and how it is cleaned. This last year alone you must remember the headlines of tainted spinach, poultry, beef and most recently the nightmare of this week regarding a sea of tainted tomatoes and now bad cheese causing a nasty form of TB. The truth is that a few million people each year become ill, some severely so simply because many food authorities don’t know where the food came from or had a real clue as to how it was being cleaned and transported. If human life and health was elevated to the level it should be ALL our food would be properly tracked and there would be no confusion as to where the food came from before it landed in our country and where it traveled to while in our country and on its way to our stores and restaurants. If human life and health was lifted to where it should be our Government and other food authorities along the chain would require that we clean our food with the most affective and cost efficient methods.

Ozone is available right now and could literally shut down a sea of sick people going to the hospital each year because it cleans out most and nearly all of the illnesses and threats that attack our food due to improper handling care and shipping. The CEO of, Bill Carney has warned of the dangers to our food supply for years regarding poor tracking, poor cleaning and poor management. He says that treating the food with Ozone could quickly solve all this. While interviewing Bill regarding the goals and products of Food Safety International, he told me of all kinds of economical products that major food industry down to a single home owner can use right now to get ozone on their food to protect themselves such as their ozone hand dryer. In my view, it is the best system and product line out there to economically protect our food supply. So, why hasn’t our Government officials listened up and all supported this solution so we can stop getting sick all the time? Thankfully, a few here and there are starting to wake up.

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In the days ahead we must circle the wagons and protect key areas of our rights that anyone on the left or right threatens whether for “progress” or not. Stand your ground in defending your 2nd amendment rights, your property rights, our sovereignty and border security and the protection and proper care of our food supply. Some things should not be negotiable nor for sale.

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Other slippery slopes into losing our freedoms involve the endless game playing, manipulating of definitions and diatribe regarding the securing of our borders.