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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 6, 2008

We are surrounded by a sea of enemies that threaten to destroy us. Just who are they and how do we fight them and survive? First of all, we have seen over years and decades now, Islamic radicals wanting to take out the infidels, Jews and Christians and take over country after country. We have seen their gains, conquering and imperialist spirit throughout the Middle East, Europe, Indonesia and the Philippines. Let us not forget their manipulative gains with assuming “rights” and “speech” laws in Canada, thus manipulating Sharia law courts and action into the mainstream. They are dong the same with some success in the U.S. by manipulating our courts, school curriculum, getting voted into office, suing, threatening and intimidating those who dare to notice strange or dangerous looking behavior and accusing any others questioning anti American behavior as mentally ill…i.e. Islamaphobia. Don’t you dare notice the large, undercover investigation recently by members of the military, FBI and CIA that found that 3 out of 4 Mosques and Islamic centers are preaching and teaching anti Americanism and promoting sharia law and jihad. Is this a religion of peace trying to just hang out in our country and assimilate?

Now, we look at the very “Christian” Presidential nominee who has won over Hillary, who declared boldly that he is a Christian and not an Islamic, yet he is supported by CAIR, has hung out with anti-Semitic fund raisers, one who brought Ahmadinejd over to speak in our country, attended Islamic schools with a Dad and Step Dad who were Islamics. Never mind that Hamas and other terrorist anti Israel groups are thrilled Obama is running for office and his very Christian stance on life shows a voting record supporting pro abortion, partial birth abortion, gay marriage, globalism and your basic garden variety socialism. Then of course there is the small detail none of us are to observe because it again is considered Islamaphobia and hate. That would be that Muslims are taught that lying to Infidels, you and moi is not a sin and frankly expected by Muhammad. How come Mr. Christian, Obama has hung around and been so in support of the Islamic causes of Rep. Ellison, our Muslim congressman. He has strangely run to Ellison like a magnet instead of a colleague trying to maintain balance and a sense of service for all.

Remember, regarding this first, huge threat that Islamic fundamentalists have a vividly clear goal to take over the world and they are clear and patient about strategy. They will use every naïve loophole and “IN” they can find. We must wake up to this manipulative and determined threat living right in our midst. As we continue spend billions to fight the Islamic threat overseas, they continue to organize and gain ground inside our country.

The second major threat that threatens to destroy our country right now as we are trying to fight the first threat is the organized, wealthy and vicious assault of global elitists who want and demand the new world order. The globalists, including our own President and his close entourage have been manipulating, meeting and planning long ago for the super highway, cutting our heartland in half and being controlled and managed by Spain (why? Because a company in Spain won the bidding competition), and don’t forget the big one….The North American Union. By now you must know that this means we become a new creature, a tri country region called North American Union, not the United States of America. Forget our borders; plan to have to submit to an International court system. Plan on gun rights being threatened all the more and talk radio being assaulted again by the fairness doctrine. After all, we can’t have this multi billion-dollar manipulation away from our sovereignty, bill of rights and freedom going on with talk radio echoing and prompting the real and horrified feelings of most Americans! Look for a version of the fairness doctrine to be pushed this next year. Also, look for gun rights to be assaulted in different and manipulative ways this next year.

The final enemy we have been facing for several decades now, certainly from the 1960s on is our moral downfall and drift away from God. What was once a set of given morals and social norms is now food for fodder and litigation hell for many. Everyone is special except, tax paying Americans. Parents rights and home schooler’s rights are routinely challenged, while sexual perversion is taught to our kids in public schools in the name of sex education. Handing out birth control pills to 11 year olds and condoms to grade school children in-between gay indoctrination is not my idea of sex education. We see sermons from the pulpits on self-esteem and prosperity more than God’s love, sin and forgiveness. Its often the social, pacifistic and fit in gospel, not the real one.

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As we explore the tactics and strategies of all our enemies, Islamic radicals, globalists and Satan, we must find that place of courage again in our souls that can define good from evil, right from wrong, not just compromise and the seducation to negotiate everything away. Once we humble ourselves before God and start praying again for our country and quality of life, we can begin to see much needed power unfold to protect us, build us back and get us all on the right track again. We must stop looking only at the big races, i.e. Presidental and congressmen, but get involved locally and state wide, sharing clarity about right and wrong issues and serving our communities again. That will grow character and integrity, coupled with prayer that will flow up through the ranks again. No more posers, globalists and anti God pretenders. Lets start with you shall we?

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The second major threat that threatens to destroy our country right now as we are trying to fight the first threat is the organized, wealthy and vicious assault of global elitists who want and demand the new world order.