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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 30, 2008

Monday you may have not even heard that Flight 1544 flying from Houston to Cleveland was nearly hit by what numerous witnesses on the plane described as a cylinder shaped object with a long plume of thick smoke pouring out its back. Many said it flew rapidly past the front of the plane, nearly missing it. The plane was flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet and 11 miles east of Bush Intercontinental Airport. The Pilot radioed to the control tower that the object was “missile-like with a thick contrail” traveling at a high rate of speed.

Media outlets and the FAA are suggesting that this object seen by 148 passengers was just a model rocket. Doug Hagman, Director of Northeast Intelligence Network told me this week that he was called by one of the passengers who told him that the story being circulated by local and other media as well as the FAA story was not correct. It was no “toy” rocket and that they had all been told to say nothing to the media. Doug also talked with the lady passenger’s husband. Both were terrified about giving their names but even more terrified about even flying again.

When the above passenger tried to call a few local media sources to report what she saw, they all told her that it was no story and it was known already that it was just an innocent toy that shot by. I guess dumb old me just wonders why if it was just a junior high model rocket gone amiss, everyone was ordered to be quiet and to say nothing to anyone. Witnesses reported a fast moving, missile like object with a heavy smoke plume. I suppose there is always the outside reality that it could be a model rocket but sources told me it was highly unlikely that a toy rocket would move at such a fast speed with such a thick and huge smoke plume trailing behind it.

Doug Hagman reminded us of yet another near-hit of American Airlines Flight 612. Passengers then described what appeared to be a rocket back on November 26, 2005 barely missing the plane over Santa Monica Bay, once again at 5000 feet. Shockingly, authorities minimized this as a model rocket attack. This quickly left the news as well.

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In the meantime you might recall endless newsflashes since 9/11 about Muslim Terrorists trying to acquire shoulder missiles and other portable type missiles and doing surveillance at airports now and again. But….what am I smoking? That is just freedom of movement and expression. They wouldn’t actually shoot something at a plane? The only solution which makes any sense in a time of war, with Islamic killers roaming our streets and doing surveillance on our planes and airports is to assume that a Junior High kid fired a toy rocket both times and got horribly confused about where to point it. We all know when buying toy rockets for our boys that they fly thousands of feet and have plumes that appear like a jet planes.

Be concerned, be very concerned. Are toy rockets from hell coming to a plane near you?

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When the above passenger tried to call a few local media sources to report what she saw, they all told her that it was no story and it was known already that it was just an innocent toy that shot by.