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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 23, 2008

We already know the global elites want control. For years now we have seen the manipulative and almost secretive meetings of the SPP moving forward on the North American union and the super highway plans. Naturally, the whole time talk radio and any conservative media has been slammed and insulted as pushing urban legends and make believe when this even comes up. Rest assured it has majorly been in the works for years. I remember on my show asking Rep. Duncan Hunter about it and he confirmed that indeed this push was going on with a super highway and North American Union.

As I pause for a moment to contemplate how I and a few others doing shows have been hallucinating and making all this up, I wonder how with a non existent push for a super highway how this headline has jumped up recently. The Philadelphia Daily News has Gov. Ed Rendell announcing that Abertis Infraestracturas of Barcelona has offered the top bid of $12.8 billion to the state of Pennsylvania with a 75-year lease to manage the toll road. Of course, you didn’t know did you that already Cintra, another Spanish company had been managing the Chicago Skyway, another road connecting I-90 and I-94 but they had lost the recent bidding process to Abertis.

See, our President and authorities have been right all along. There is no superhighway. There is no selling of our sovereignty and management infrastructure to other countries and corporate whores. Its all urban legends created by talk radio people like me. Of course, it must also be true that there is no country called Spain who just won the bid to control this humongous highway from hell that isn’t unfolding before our eyes.

The question I have as I continue to hallucinate is who owns the white house and congress? Is this the United States of China now? What about the rising and out of control oil and food prices? Have other big chunks of our infrastructure been submitted to Saudi Arabia or Egypt? We certainly remember Dubai buying up management and infrastructure at some of our nations ports.

I understand trade and relationships with other countries but it is an acute betrayal to our country to start parsing out control, management or big land and business deals to other countries! We have already seen the manipulation we gladly allow by the screaming Mexican consulate regarding border patrol agent encounters, namely our political prisoners, agent Ramos and Compian. We have also seen the Chinese Government try to weigh in when one of their own illegal thugs tries to get across our border and a skirmish happens. We just take it.

Shame on our leadership for allowing the Super Highway and North American Union to be manipulated forward without the consent or willingness of the American people or constitution! Shame on our leadership for not only allowing a Super Highway which will cut up our heartland, but to even consider allowing this albitros to be controlled by a foreign country! Shame on our media for allowing the continued sell out and betrayal of our country to occur and not telling the American people the truth so they can fight properly the right demons.

As energy prices continue soar, affecting food prices and world markets, expect there to be other back door deals and offerings we find out about much later. Since we are in bed with the big oil and banking corporations, don’t expect to see the obvious, new drilling of our own oil refineries, development to get nuclear plants up and running for energy, or alternative research to get cars running cheaply. You wouldn’t dream of stealing billions from the corporate elites and money cartels. They might have to sell off one of their 1200 mansions or yachts.

Look up for your own information, water and gasoline as a mix, electric cars, hybrid cars and alternative energy and get plugged in with what already is here and being refined. With very little more folks we could run our cars now on other things than gas. We just don’t here about it.

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Keep praying for and believing in your country but understand we are in a fight to save it, its core, real history and resources. There really are globalists who want control and internationalism more than any sovereignty or desires we may have. Keep faxing your leaders, calling and emailing. Keep talking amongst yourselves and form groups to protect your country. Join groups like to put pressure on congress to do the right thing and not manipulate more amnesty for illegal aliens. Congress apparently forgot the message we sent them last year about slamming amnesty for illegal aliens through. Stand your ground America. The U.S.A. is worth it.

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As energy prices continue soar, affecting food prices and world markets, expect there to be other back door deals and offerings we find out about much later.