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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 16, 2008

In the name of the growing fettish of trade and Internationalism we see revealed the real heart and soul of the World Bank, International monetary fund and corporate elites. One bold word fits perfectly….MURDER! We also see as many of our deluded politicians and bankers worship at the feet of making more money with foreign trade, the lack of care for any human beings in general. With the requirement of the World Bank loans to many 3rd world countries to dramatically cut tariffs, international products and higher priced food has soared. Farmers in Honduras, the Philippines and throughout Africa can barely afford the fuel and seed now to plant crops to create food for their own families. Naturally, the wackoids pushing the international wreckage of formally protective tariffs, will be happy because they will make more money, the environment and some animals may be happy, and the annoying people will starve and dye.

A recent article by Alison Fitzgerald talks about the struggle of the Honduran farmers who have seen the costs of fuel and fertilizer soar and rice doubling this last year alone. From being the former provider to Central America of food and rice, now they must import 83% of the rice they take in. What caused such a dire turn around? A few decades ago the World Bank and other greedy lenders from Hell required “free market” policies. Is the body count and starvation spreading like a Jim Jones cult? Pick your struggling country. Almost any country that needed a big loan to make it and develop was roped into the “free market” “international trade” manipulation…..translated means, starve and put out of business your local farmers and people.

At least some of the developing countries are taking notice of the suffering within, such as Philippine President Gloria Arroyo. She has tried to reverse the course toward self-sufficiency again as opposed to endless manipulation and dependence on other countries and lending agencies.

We don’t see the level of extreme suffering here yet, but we have to be noticing the dramatic increase in the price of breads and rice, let alone other food as we become more dependent on energy, gas and food imports. We used to be mostly independent and have major food, steel and energy industries but we have systematically been destroying these for 30 years. Recently I interviewed a brilliant scientist, Dr. Art Robinson, who writes on and studies energy in depth. He linked the downfall of affordable energy and food to increasing 3 things to the extreme level, taxation, litigation and regulation. Forget alternative energy and farming…..who ever tries that will get sued or regulated to death. Don’t even think of a nuclear plant.

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It will take you 4 years to even get permission then you will be regulated, taxed and sued by the endless paranoid crowd. We are stupidly setting ourselves up to be as dependent on others for food and energy as some of the 3rd world countries. How dumb can we be? We must stop endless taxation, regulation and litigation on inventors, engineers, scientists and those who could quickly fix our energy needs and reclaim our food supplies health.

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How dumb can we be? We must stop endless taxation, regulation and litigation on inventors, engineers, scientists and those who could quickly fix our energy needs and reclaim our food supplies health.