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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 3, 2008

We are continuing to look at or is it avoid national priorities? It’s the endless obsession with personalities running for the Presidential Peyton Place. Hillary, Obama, McCain…..will the real globalist and liberal please stand up? When I think of our heritage, our heart and core as Americans I think of radical, original thinkers, first thought of as traitors to the crown and Queen. We were a bunch of wild misfits who were tired of being told what to do so we pushed hard, shot off a bunch of guns, spit in the eye of the Queen and hitched a ride to a new land. Its not like we were the good little Stepford Wives kids who sat in the front of the class and raised hands in unison. Thank God we were naughty. We live in freedom now because we were.

Our framers developed the best constitution and bill of rights on earth and prayed for Divine instruction and guidance…..and they got it. Evil, selfishness and greed grew amongst us yet we saw compassion and goodness win out again and again as we fought against slavery and promoted equality for all. We awkwardly yet vividly fought for what was right. Most of us in the early days of this country knew that slavery was simply evil, not an economic need and reality of life. It was evil and sin. God had defined us all as made in his image. Most of us realized that.

We took our spirit of liberality and generosity and spared all of Europe, the very Europe that often shuns us now. We defeated our enemies then in WW11 and in an amazing show of unheard of grace we rebuilt them, better and faster than before. Japan, Germany and the list continues today. Though the discussion of Iraq and Afghanistan is controversial and unpopular with many, we see them exploring freedom for the first time, both taking their first baby steps at freedom. In our imperfection, we continue to liberate, build and lift up others.

What should we do with this gift called freedom, horde it, isolate it, share it? Are we willing to die only for our freedom or are we willing to die for others to taste the blessing of what we take for granted?

What is the cost of spreading freedom around the world and what is the cost in not spreading it? Is freedom worth American blood, would it have been worth liberating a million Rwandans when we had the chance even though they weren’t rich or avid tax payers? What about the Cambodians and other civilizations with such different cultures and religions…………is freedom only to be ours?

What makes you feel alive and do you feel at all responsible for the state of struggling countries elsewhere, or is it just about your little family, job and bills?

I believe that as long as we seek God and humble ourselves before Him, He will bless this nation and its heart. The more we turn inward and worship ourselves, the more this miraculous gift, loaned to us by God, will atrophy and be replaced by fascism, socialism and communism. I would suggest to you that without a love for God there is no true freedom and never will be. We have already drained our nation’s soul to less than half full and if we continue worshiping nature, aborting babies, cursing God and editing the Bible, we will find someday an empty glass now being filled up by the forces of evil and those who hate freedom simply because it robs them of power.

I am torn when I think of freedom. I find myself asking what would I give up to keep my sense of safety, and is that the same thing as freedom? I am speaking of the patriot act, the Pentagon getting close to tracking vehicles and individuals worldwide, emails and reading materials being tracked, cameras in more and more places, all in the guise of protecting freedom, or are we in truth draining the life blood out of freedom and replacing it with a holographic image of security? I know we are trying to prevent future 9/11s but at the end of the day what will our lives be like if we sacrificed our very civil liberties and freedom to have security? Its called a police state, communism, thought police, scanners of your brain, car mileage, habits, purchases, travel plans, emails, books read, guns owned and parties belonged to. Won’t it feel great two or three years from now if no more big explosions happen in our cities, but a nuclear explosion of over reaction and panic blows up what is left of our freedom, the very life blood that keeps our country going?

As we approach another July 4th in a few months, another heightened alert time, I am finding myself feeling free even in the face of danger. I don’t need to pretend that life is safer, that a city next month won’t blow up, because I am coming to understand as I age that true freedom is a choice and state of mind. I can choose my own attitude in the face of poverty, war, suffering, injury, loss or good times. Freedom is a worldview that acknowledges that God is in control, I seek and trust Him and let the details fall where they fall.

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Are you free or have you given your sense of inner peace away to your difficult job, family and lack of funds? Do you think it is possible to feel liberated inside while at the same timing fighting various battles in society, at home, at school, with your health and heart?

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I am torn when I think of freedom. I find myself asking what would I give up to keep my sense of safety, and is that the same thing as freedom? I am speaking of the patriot act...