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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
May 26, 2006

Are most the true leaders in the middle east, serial killing Ted Bundies? To listen to most liberal politicians and media outlets here one would think our one job in life is to work harder on understanding their suffering, their religious needs to hate and kill�� their �nazi� needs to destroy every last Jew alive. After all, these are huge and noble goals!!!

Only recently, the HAMAS military leader Abu Abdullah told WorldNetDaily that they are buying up planes and are preparing to take out Israeli skyscrapers with a 9/11 style attack, should the cease fire have a bobble or dent. Gee�..and who might give the cease fire a bobble or dent?

Could it possibly be the terrorist, nazi party Hamas that has only mastered serial killing for decades against the Israelis. Last I heard, the ever so evil Jews haven�t and don�t murder civilians. They have always had a defensive, survival posture against the former Ted Bundy Government�.now its twin. Lets face it shall we��its no mystery listening to most of the clerics and politicians in most or all the Muslim countries that Israel must die. Jews have no right to be there.

Just listen to the BTK strangler (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran) talk regularly about Nuking and shredding Israel.

Then of course there was the warm and philosophical letter he sent recently to President Bush���.Jesus would do this and Jesus would do that���and Bush you should be ashamed of your evil little behavior���..and Jews must leave Israel�����Jesus�.Jesus�. Jesus. I thought I was completely recovered from my brain injury but when I read his letter to our President you would not believe the chunks I threw up!

Yet�..even worse then listening to all the serial killing nazis in the middle east�.we then must listen to our idiot politicians defend them and put us down for daring to even question this psychotic, murderous behavior. I will never forget, while home recovering from my near fatal motorcycle wreck, hearing that Al Gore had told the Saudis in a visit how badly we treat Arab Muslims over here. In my weakened condition I immediately thought the �T� word as in Treason.

I wondered how many troops in harms way did Al kill or wound with that idiot statement. Yet we continue to hear the throw up from liberals in congress��"negotiate with Ahmadinejad in Iran" �Deal with Hamas� �Rebuke and pull back Israel� �make them give more land and more land.� They are already practically living on a postage stamp and are surrounded by their enemies. Its called����..shut up already and let them do what they have to do to exist!

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I am sick and tired of our leaders and media morons defending the indefensible. Most citizens would agree in horror that back in WW11 putting the Jews on the train cars to the death camps was EVIL pie squared. No one would dare debate that in congress or say anything different on air����..then. WHY DO WE WANT TO DEAL SO LIGHTLY, UTILIZING UNDERSTANDING, MONEY AND CARE WITH Hamas, Iran, Saudies, Syria, Sudan on and on.

� 2006 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is the proverbial "pastor's daughter" when it comes to her sense of adventure and her independent thinking. Laurie is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit, one track, which landed her in Billboard's top 40 ranks and on the cover of Cash Box Magazine. She plays the piano, keyboard, and violin and has a voice that can penetrate your very soul.

In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations. What made the show a success was Laurie's on-air persona as she interviewed stars such as Al Green, Blondie, Pat Bennitar, Chicago, 3 Dog Night, Lou Rawls, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Christopher Cross, Men at Work, Billy Rae Cyrus, Diamond Rio, Rita Coolidge, and dozens more.

Laurie is also an accomplished Author, Cartoonist, and Artist. She has hosted successful radio shows in Boston and L.A. before going national. Tune in to The Roth Show, Weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm PAC and find out for yourself! You can listen live on cable radio network (live on the internet) channel 6 or visit The Roth Show web site and click on "where to listen" Call the Roth Show at: 1-800-837-9680











Only recently, the HAMAS military leader Abu Abdullah told WorldNetDaily that they are buying up planes and are preparing to take out Israeli skyscrapers with a 9/11 style attack...