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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 25, 2008

We are seeing a new cult emerge to the “cool Aid” “Jim Jones” level. Many of our politicians, media and leaders are obsessing about global warming to the point where humans are to feel freaked out about the emissions they cause for simply being alive…driving an SUV, using the wrong light bulbs and hair spray. We simply cause havoc on the earth….that precious “God like” earth to be worshiped. Not the people in it, nor God, but nature.

Of course you know the ever so caring environmental wackoids led by Al Gore have had to declare war over the last few decades against chemical things, inventors and developers of creative energy and anything they deemed as not “green”. Thus we saw the obsession the last decade to eradicate and make illegal the use of DDT in Africa. Never mind that DDT almost took out Malaria, epidemic all over Africa….no. It is an evil chemical that just ain’t green. The pressure groups took DDT out all right. What do you think came in as DDT went out the door? According to my recent guest, Dr. Art Robinson, President and Research Professor at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 30 million black children have died from malaria as a result of “lovingly” taking DDT out of commission. That is children who would have been alive if that evil DDT had been allowed to keep killing mosquitoes. But who cares about lives, black or white, young or old when chemicals have to be eradicated? Al Gore was right at the front of the DDT ban. Other environmental, global warming cult leaders such as Hillary, Pelosi, Obama and even Newt Gingrich are leading in the global warming myth and manipulation! Never mind that over 450 renowned scientists have refuted global warming as a total fraud. Why be confused with the facts when you can create new, moneymaking industries. Now, billions more can be stolen from the American public.

Pesky inventors, entrepreneurs and scientists who could transform food, nuclear power and energy into national independence can wallow in over the top regulation, congressional blockages and legal hurdles….of course based on fraudulent science!

Now the globalist cult continues. We have seen the crazed wackoids go after our SUVs, light bulbs, hair spray and DDT, but now, international food supplies are being manipulated again by false science, false food shortages and manipulated prices by agricultural monopolies setting prices for rice, grain and wheat here and abroad.

I asked Pat Woods, editor of August, why are prices of rice and wheat going up so dramatically here and around the world? He talked of a multi pronged influence, where greedy monopoly type agricultural distributors, started raising prices of wheat and corn as it started manipulating prices with farmers who were paid more to grow corn and sugar cane to produce ethanol. It didn’t pay as much any more to grow wheat and rice. Backing this shift in crops grown and increased prices of wheat and rice throughout the world, the hot money crowd was also looking to find a new futures market. They saw the mortgage and housing industries collapse. Now the commodities and futures market seems to be the hot trend of upward prices and big money.

Now you have an unholy Trinity working the world markets and causing suffering and starvation among potential millions! Lies pushing the Ethanol obsession and manipulating farmers to change crops to corn and sugar cane as opposed to wheat and rice, which pays less; Agricultural monopoly distribution that started raising prices due to the ethanol focus by the environmental wackoids, then the momentum with the commodities and futures markets, manipulating higher prices and trends.

Now, with the PR machine contributing to the panic and bad news regarding rice, wheat and oil, Wal-Mart and Cosco are pulling back on the amount of rice you can buy. Once again, manipulated value, a shortage of food that isn’t, yet seems to be, commodities and futures markets making millions for greedy investors, why stop the food crises now??? Make it worse! Only millions will suffer and die who can’t afford out of control prices of basic food, thus the endless riots of desperate people. We won’t suffer here, just be annoyed. People around the world will suffer and die as they can’t afford to stay alive. Once again, like the DDT obsession, now food manipulation obsession, millions will die a tortured death but we will at least remember the warm and fuzzy speeches on how we must save the earth!!!

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World wide food manipulation translates to starvation and the murder of millions! Changing laws and creating endless regulations against scientists and inventors who can fix our energy needs, clean up nuclear power and drill our own oil refineries, translates to national treason and betrayal. This makes us totally dependent for energy on oil monopolies run by countries that hate our guts. Finally, the creation of global warming is nothing more than crime family tactics to steal more tax money from millions of Americans and create action out of fraudulent science and fear.

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Now, with the PR machine contributing to the panic and bad news regarding rice, wheat and oil, Wal-Mart and Cosco are pulling back on the amount of rice you can buy.