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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 18, 2008

Jimmy Carter is certainly on a roll isn’t he? He hasn’t done enough damage to our country and the Israelis yet, so he has to contact the two terrorist heads of Hamas, fly over to the middle east, kiss a few faces and start talking peace again. It wasn’t enough that he encouraged the Shaw to get out of Iran and the lovely, peace-loving Ayatollahs to start the endless down hill spiral into hell, or that he would sell the Panama canal to the Chinese, but now he wants to broker peace with a bunch of Ted Bundy racists who will stop at nothing to kill Jews and swipe Israeli land!

To me it is almost criminal, if not treasonous, for a former U.S. President to even remotely acknowledge such a hateful and evil group as anything but the murderous thugs they are! Once again in-between chucking peanuts, quoting scriptures out of context and playing Neville Chamberlain, Carter is at it again!

It amazes me how so much of the civilized world plays right into the murderous hands of Hamas and other Islamic terrorists! According to Aaron Klein, a writer for, Hamas has already had secret meetings with the EU, Italy and Norway. Their spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, has not only been trying to start up normal relations with these countries but he and the rest of Hamas are hoping that with Jimmy Carter’s traitorous visit that it will legitimize their government.

Even Obama is glowing with the alleged compliment from the Hamas leader Ahmed Yousef, comparing him to John F. Kennedy. So, we have a former President kissing cheeks of terrorists, while one who would be President is glowing with pride from the compliment from the same terrorists. Is this a nightmare reality show called “American Idol from Hell”? How many of you fantasized that Ted Bundy would like you and come to your home for dinner? How many of you wanted to give Jeffrey Dahmer a talk show?

Not to bore you all with the silly facts, but last I heard, Hamas and their henchmen haven’t stopped threatening Jews, sending over missiles and murdering them. Also, last I heard, this glorious government we are all supposed to kiss the cheek of doesn’t even acknowledge the right for Israel to be a nation next to them. What is there to negotiate with in between the murders?

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In my opinion, the only talking that should occur with Hamas as they shuffle the killers in and out of Israel is for the Government of Israel and our President to give them 24 hours to pack up and leave the Government offices, then begin negotiations all right. That is, negotiate how long each Hamas leader will spend in prison. Naturally, to show respect to the leaders, offer them the option of committing Jihad on themselves, or graciously, the Israeli Soldiers could kill them and make it quick.

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To me it is almost criminal, if not treasonous, for a former U.S. President to even remotely acknowledge such a hateful and evil group as anything but the murderous thugs they are!