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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 11, 2008

Apparently Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has his knickers in a twist because of the Fed’s crack-down here and there on established businesses in L.A. to find illegal aliens. The L.A. times just reported that ICE has made 4,900 arrests in the work place, nationwide since 2007. This is dramatically more than during 2001. Apparently workers are being picked-up at various manufacturing plants and businesses in a random sort of way who are suspected of being illegal aliens. The Mayor has asked ICE to instead focus on bad employers who don’t play by “the rules” because so many business raids, in L.A. especially, are hurting business.

What Villaraigosa is really saying is that his tax money is drying-up because of the raids and illegal aliens are forced to flee from various businesses in town once in the spotlight. “Don’t take my money from me!” Who cares about right or wrong? Who cares if workers are fraudulently here from mystery countries and taking American jobs? Who cares if 1/3 of them end up in our prisons at our expense? Who cares if the rest of them suck dry our hospitals, schools and welfare system? Who cares if they knowingly broke laws to get here? Who cares if Mexico is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Don’t hold their Government accountable for creating hope and jobs in their own country?

Before I get too hard on the Mayor of L.A. for his concern about increasing raids on businesses, lets review the fragile, hypocritical and “pretend immigration” rules our country is now under. First of all, even though in 1996 federal law (the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act), which requires local authorities and leadership to cooperate with ICE and Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs enforcement, sanctuary cities all across this country flip-off enforcement in dealing with illegal aliens. Whether formal or informal sanctuary cities, the policy is basically to police, and other people in leadership, “look the other way,” “don’t ask and don’t tell.”

We are talking, L.A., New York, D.C. Miami etc?.basically, most major cities in the whole country!

So then, why should anyone be mad at Villaraigosa if he doesn’t want certain businesses crashed by the Feds? It’s the sewage of hypocrisy all across the country, starting with the FEDs and our President anyway! Here are the national and local immigration rules. Come close, go away! You are in. You are out. It’s against the law to break into our country, but if and when you do, welfare, free medical, mortgages, housing and jobs are awaiting you. Most our cities in the U.S. play, and are good at playing the sanctuary game, so your crimes and exploitation of our services are covered.

Since the deranged masses say they want REAL border security, our politicians pretend to protect our borders. The truth is when some of the illegal alien drug thugs and other criminals come across and happen to collide with our border patrol, don’t worry. We will just throw those pesky, racist border patrol, Minute Men or police in prison.

The truth is pathetically obvious since the idiot law change back in the 60s by Kennedy opened the floodgate to illegal aliens, THERE IS AN ANTI-AMERICAN, GLOBALIST AGENDA GOING ON! Soon it will be hate speech to say the word “sovereignty, illegal alien, or border!!!” You are not a patriotic, law-abiding American because you want border security. You are a racist, uncompassionate pig. Christian, you say? How can you say you know God when you have no heart for poor people in need?

Listen to the very words of Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations, taken right off their web site:

“The world’s 190-plus states now co-exist with a larger number of powerful non-sovereign and at least partly independent actors, ranging from corporations to non-government organizations, from terrorist groups to drug cartels, from regional and global institutions to banks and private equity funds. The sovereign state is influenced by them as much as it is able to influence them? ?.as a result, new mechanisms are needed for regional and global governance that include actors other than states.”

What about all that psycho-babble isn’t clear to you all? The CFR already thinks sovereignty is hate speech!!! All three of our front-running President wanta-bes have ties to the CFR by the way. They also have ties to the Tri-Lateral Commission, whose stated goal is to create a new international economic order. I will never forget Bush senior talking over and over again about the New World Order.

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I will say it: CFRs talk of losing our borders is treasonous. Any politician or government leader who manipulates, schemes or plans to eradicate our borders, and morph us into another creation called the North American Union, is committing treason! We don’t need change! We don’t need a new world order! We don’t need a new international economic order! We need to reset our buttons to our precious bill of rights and U.S. constitution and submitting to God Almighty. Don’t you dare settle for anything less!

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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What about all that psycho-babble isn’t clear to you all? The CFR already thinks sovereignty is hate speech!!! All three of our front-running President wanta-bes have ties to the CFR by the way.