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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 4, 2008

Our Culture seems to be stuck on stupid and backwards thinking these days! We see many of our top leaders, politicians and management confused about right and wrong, victim and perpetrator, bad guy from good guy. This “stuck on stupid” syndrome acts like a fast growing brain tumor, reflecting symptoms in runaway courts, political agendas that are mostly hidden and un American, and endless empathy for sick, illegal and dangerous people!

I thought I would lose my mind when I recently read in the Washington Post about the 12-year-old boy who was playing a computer game after his homework, then heard the blood curdling screams of his Mom. He ran to help her and saw one of the residents of the boarding house strangling his her on the floor. He yelled over and over, “Stop! Stop! Stop! But the attacker kept strangling his Mom, so he did what any loving child or adult would do, he grabbed what he could which was a kitchen knife and killed the psycho. This is the part that shows mental illness and “stuck on stupid” syndrome. The authorities are actually considering filing charges against the boy!!! What was the desperate boy supposed to do, plan a funeral for his Mom? Make coffee for the killer? Kill himself with the knife? How many types of psychotic are these authorities? I say the boy is a hero and his Mom is alive.

Another recent sign of “stuck on stupid” syndrome comes out of California where a librarian was fired because she dared to report a patron looking at child pornography in the library. Once again we see backwards and stupid thinking. The supervisor was endlessly concerned about the privacy rights of the dangerous pervert, not the law or protection of the kids coming in and out of the same library. The truth of that whole nightmare is that the idiot supervisor should have been the one fired along with the Library Administrator for having child pornography in the library in the first place. It is NEVER acceptable to have child pornography anywhere, especially in a public library. Frankly I could care less about the feelings of sex predators who want to hurt and rape our kids. I say send them all to an Island surrounded by endless coral reefs and sharks. You know what they say. Swimming is good for you. Dive in.

More “stuck on stupid” syndrome was seen in 2003 with Lt. Col Allen B. West who you may recall in Iraq scared a terrorist into telling him where the snipers were hiding so his men wouldn’t be picked off. The terrorist wasn’t killed or tortured, but faked out with a threat. He ended up talking and Allen saved his men. Did he get promoted to General, as he should have? No, he got hammered by the politically correct, “stuck on stupid” military high ups who tried to swipe his career, freedom and retirement pay. After the endless national news and horror for he and his family, he was forcibly retired from his beloved military. By the way, to tell you what kind of man Allen is, he didn’t crawl away and become a bitter victim. He went to Afghanistan as a civilian to train and equip the troops over there the last several years and now he is running for congress in Florida. This is the kind of leader, character and visionary our country needs! Go Allen!

Finally, the final example of “stuck on stupid” syndrome for now lies in the unfolding horror of Agent Ramos and Compeon rotting in prison for 11 and 12 years for doing their jobs wonderfully well. I have covered the details of this case from hell for the last few years. We saw our President bragging about 29 pardons he gave over Christmas and recently 15 more, none of which were these fine agents! We saw Prosecutor Sutton protecting the lying illegal alien drug pusher, Davila and manipulating the evidence and what the jury even saw. Finally an appeal was allowed and the real facts were revealed in this case. Now the nation is awaiting the decision of an appeals judge. Pray for justice in this!

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We must as a nation remind ourselves what truth and lies look like, what evil and good looks like and what victim and criminal looks like! Empathy and “rights” are nice when offered first and foremost to our people, our military and our citizens. There is a point where “stuck on stupid” syndrome doesn’t cut it anymore. We MUST take back our courts and demand common sense Judges. We MUST take back congress and demand they get clear about good and evil and right and wrong. We must not allow persecution against parents and home schoolers, border patrol doing their jobs, military being brave in service, those trying to protect our children from predators and those fighting fearlessly against Islamic Radicals. We can save our country people. It is up to us.

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We must as a nation remind ourselves what truth and lies look like, what evil and good looks like and what victim and criminal looks like! Empathy and “rights” are nice when offered first and foremost to our people, our military and our citizens.