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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 28, 2008

It just never stops! Last week I was contacted by a reliable source that had put together the nightmare connections of some of Obama's fundraisers and supporters (for details go to and click on Jim Kouri's article link as well). A few of these connections have been quickly touched on then avoided in most of the media. The current facts, names, places and events dropped on me last week from a very reliable former CIA agent are currently making the Internet rounds but interestingly seem to be non existent when it comes to the "big dogs" in media and TV. This will be most fascinating to see if anyone in media actually sees Obama's chronic pattern of poor choices with fund raising supporters and anti American loud mouths. Is anyone home?

In the meantime, we see the orgy of attention regarding Hillary and her Bosnia gaff. OK, her dirty, rotten, Bosnia lie! I have followed her and Bill's lies over the years so I'm certainly not surprised she lied to gain attention and appear brave, but I was surprised at how stupid she was. I figure if you are going to lie about a hail of sniper bullets coming at you and your daughter you should remember a few things. Its best not to pull off a humongous lie like this when a camera crew is in place documenting the whole thing as directly opposite. Its bad enough to have such a brazen liar in the white house, but even more scary to have such a dumb liar. #2, Does the wana be commander and chief actually think the military would allow a first lady and daughter to land in a hail of gun fire? What an insult to our military!!! Does she think they are dumb heads who don't scope out danger in an area and sweep it before dignitaries arrive? But then, what am I smoking, this is Hillary of course she thinks they are dumb heads. In fact her and Bill think military in general is a Republican plot.

Now the drama continues. Who will run against McCain? It is close and the Democrats are feeling the pressure of losing ground if this goes all the way to the convention. McCain only gains ground. It would thrill me if there were a conservative ticket to run against. As it is now we have 3 globalists and 3 liberals running against each other.

At least McCain has a real service record and understanding of the Islamic radical danger we face. Now if we could only convince him to wake up about our borders, illegal immigration and gun rights. We may just be left with trying to pull him to the right regarding sovereignty, safety in our country and economic intervention and help.

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No wonder when I am asked about who I'm voting for I say "Pee Wee Herman and Brittany Spears. At least if we are taking the country to hell I can be entertained on the way down." There is one thing I know for sure, we must get on our knees and pray for God's guidance, intervention and help for our country. We must humble ourselves before Him and stop trying to be Him. Pray that God will put who He wants in the White House.

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It would thrill me if there were a conservative ticket to run against. As it is now we have 3 globalists and 3 liberals running against each other.