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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 21, 2008

The Supreme Court has now opened the door for all death row inmates to appeal their convictions on constitutional grounds because lawyers may have left out all the gory detail of their abusive pasts. I don�t care if you were boiled in oil and fed to the birds every Friday, you still have a choice not to drown a 77-year-old woman just for the fun of it. Where did responsibility go?

Apparently, Republicans and Democrats are so busy scurrying to get votes that there will never be any real legislation passed to get rid of illegal aliens. Finding voters is more important! If we are willing to bankrupt hospitals, flood prisons, sacrifice good cops and destroy small businesses all for votes, lets just allow all inmates and dead people to vote instead and save the comprimised southern states!

Governor Spitzer has resigned because he was a very bad boy and slept with �high class� prostitutes for the last 10 years. Of course there was the mystery money of $80,000 paid to the sleep around hussies, but at least one was a struggling wanna be singer. Once the Dippo resigned and we took a breath from the endless sewage of this story, then we see the wonderful, married, Governor Patterson who replaced him confessing that he slept with many women over the years. Do we need a pad lock for politician�s pants???

We have thousands of parents filing wrongful birth lawsuits! They are suing their Doctors 10-15 years after the fact for having a handicapped child. They say they would have aborted the child if only they had known. It is not every parent who has the courage to shamelessly tell the world, �I hate my handicapped child!� I say, make a law allowing us to abort the parents who dare to be so evil!

Now we are told that toy guns should be outlawed. Alderwoman Cynthia Carter has even organized a toy gun recall. She should be proud to have finally captured the evil squirt guns of dangerous 5-year-olds who would play the terrorist game of �cops and robbers�. Great work Cynthia, your grandchildren will put your impressive photo right next to their toy gun collection.

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The fast food terrorists are at it again! Now a certified letter has been sent to all the fast food biggies warning them that unless they post addiction warnings about their fast food in neon, a lawsuit is coming in 6 months. I think we should sue our Mothers for giving us mashed potatoes and apple pie. Why can�t these foodaphobia folks move to an ice flow and stop traumatizing themselves with food!

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Apparently, Republicans and Democrats are so busy scurrying to get votes that there will never be any real legislation passed to get rid of illegal aliens.