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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 14, 2008

Isn�t New York getting a face-lift, though. Now a fill-in Governor will take over the reigns of the State of New York. Let�s just hope he can set a sound moral example! What is there about so many politicians that goes straight to narcissism and law-breaking? What is the code that was broken by Eliot Spitzer and what have we learned? Well, you know exactly how a Governor is going to sin and commit crimes by how hard he harasses and attacks those very industries, i.e. prostitution rings, corporate and ethical compromises with Wall Street and crime families. Obviously, this arrogant bozo needed the challenge to live on the edge, trick the public and his family, and see how long he could get away with it. Well, now he knows. Six years of visits to the prostitute and $80,000 of mystery money, which no doubt will be investigated. Indictments may yet be coming if not a talk show.

The thing that blows my mind so far in all this news is how the media is treating the �high class� prostitute with tons of names, who often is known as Kristen and is twenty-two. Already she isn�t a seasoned prostitute and home-wrecker, but she has a web-site where you can hear her sing and talk to her. She is telling the world and the media is reporting that she a wants to be a singer. Next week are we going to hear her on American Idol and the week after with a record deal? Why is she getting all this attention and already getting fans and understanding? I could care less what her past is, how old she is or what her dreams are!

Hopefully, she will get her life straightened out, but it is also true at this moment she is less than a paragon of virtue and surely a home-wrecker. Hopefully, she will change and pursue her music, but FIRST, she should feel ashamed of her behavior, no matter who she slept with or what kind of money she needed to fuel her desperate dream. I understand the sea of pain and addiction to excuses our society is invested in. It used to be when you did shameful and evil things you were to feel and be ashamed. Sometimes people changed as they faced the truth about their behavior because there was right and wrong and more people saw and observed the moral boundaries.

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Now, we are so busy trying to understand the suffering and assign blame to explain hideous behavior that we often whisk past accountability and repentance because, after all, there is no evil or sin, just preferences and dreams. My Grandmother was from a poor family, the oldest of 12 children, married during the depression and had a few dreams also. She went to work at a cleaners. There are choices for people all the way along the path of their dreams. Kristen should be silent! If she has to speak out, let it be that she should be saying that she is ashamed of her behavior and, for now, keep her dreams and aspirations to herself and pray for the families she has hurt!

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The thing that blows my mind so far in all this news is how the media is treating the �high class� prostitute with tons of names, who often is known as Kristen and is twenty-two.