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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 7, 2008

The last few decades we have seen the endless obsession with freedom of speech and our �rights.� Our right to yack; our right to complain; our right to demand more rights; our right to sue everyone and their dog. Everywhere you look it seems society has elevated certain groups of people not only to rights of expression but to �special� rights. It�s not enough rights for those with special �sexual interests� to be able to make choices without being targeted as Sharia law would. It�s not enough for them to be able to live their life, keep their job and partner and approach God however they want. Instead we see the mainstream of America demonized such as when Arnold and some politicians in California hit the news with their plans to change the school curriculum to exclude those hateful terms, Mom and Dad and Husband and wife. Why, because special, sexual folks weren�t being seen enough and getting enough time and attention, so let�s get it from the kids. This is when freedom of speech for all turns into a systematic and well funded indoctrination scheme to manipulate minds into filth and experimentation.

I look at how we have attempted to fight this war. We still struggle, nearly seven years later with how to even define the enemy. Most of the time, our President and others define this war as �the war on terror� not a war with Islamic Fundamentalists. Why, because we don�t want to offend any Muslims with the notion that Islamic extremists use chunks of the Koran as inspiration and guidance when targeting and killing infidels. We are supposed to pretend that the folks who have been targeting and killing us since 1979 don�t scream, teach and preach their direction from Muhammad to kill the infidels. Who cares if droves of our people are murdered over the years. Don�t notice, its rude.

Who cares if certain Imams act weird and suspicious on a plane or two. Shut up, it�s their right. You should be sued for even reporting the behavior to a stewardess. We have heard for years now about the rights of Muslim cabbie drivers not to serve people that would carry wine or have Seeing Eye dogs. We have heard about the right of a Muslim woman at a deli counter not to be forced to cut ham. We have heard the cramming of Muslim curriculum in public elementary schools, while manger scenes are chased out of school. Once again, we are told of the rights of certain people. If you notice the extreme inconsistencies and word games in this war, you have a mental problem. You are an Islamaphobe.

It is the same obsession of �rights� when wrestling through the endless illegal immigration nightmare. �They are just doing jobs Americans won�t do.� Though this is a boldfaced lie you are to accept this as fact. Though prisons are being filled and hospitals bankrupted, you are to shut up and not notice or you branded as an evil racist. You hate poor people. Never mind that the real argument was never helping desperate poor people. It was about corporations and businesses getting cheap, slave labor and the global elites manipulating the illegal invasion into a push for the North American Union and currency change to the Amero. No decent person wants to be thought of as a Muslim, gay or illegal alien hater.

Most folks respect a persons right to speak and disagree with the norm. However, with freedom of speech and our precious rights, we also are a nation of laws and borders. We are also being threatened and attacked non-stop by Islamic radicals, not Scottish Highlanders. We, also, have a Judeo/Christian backbone and tradition in faith regarding sexual expectations. We disagree, scream and yell, but the majority still does prefer a few societal norms whether folks live on the fringe or not. If illegal aliens, terrorist detainees at Gitmo and creative sexual groups are special, certain other groups are not special and they should be quiet. That list would include, Moms and Dads, gun owners, Christians and Jews.

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Let us remember that freedom of speech is entwined with responsibility and linked to our Constitution and Christian core values. Let us remember that our norms and Christian roots as a nation must reflect real curriculum and teaching in our schools, not minority manipulation and indoctrination. Finally, we must remember who we are, stop selling out to the enemy because we want to be polite and not allow Islamic radicals to make inroads into our Government, courts and schools. Sharia law will never work here, though it has been manipulated into parts of Canada and Europe. We must put freedom of speech back into the box of responsibility and context.

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Let us remember that freedom of speech is entwined with responsibility and linked to our Constitution and Christian core values.