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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 22, 2008

I�m looking at the two big bullies in the ring as they punch, swerve, slam, swing, kick and bleed on each other. Of course I�m talking about the Republicans and Democrats. We are living in a day when conservative and liberal terms are morphing into a similar looking green slime of compromise regarding sovereignty, morality, borders and how to define danger and traditional priorities. Instead, we see the unthinkable with many in the GOP and Democrats (including ALL that are running for President now and at the top of the heap), the obsession with globalism, the North American Union and endless concern about everyone BUT our people!!!

The contenders for the oval office may be playing the usual word games, but you can pick up on the global push with McCain�s past voting record with the Soros-backed, McCain-Feingold Bill and support of shamnesty, while Obama talks of spending 850 billion to stop world hunger, as if that is even possible filtered through corrupt and greedy governments who are keeping people poor and starving. Yet as a drug fix, folks can be manipulated into giving billions and actually helping the cartels who are really stealing from the well meaning masses, starting with the stealing by our Government wana-a-bees on our stressed tax-base!

It�s all about helping the poor world-wide and talking to the terrorists, isn�t it??? Do our national priorities have anything at all to do with protecting our sovereignty and borders�..the needs of our children, seniors, vets and workers, the needs of protecting and restoring our manufacturing base, the need to stand up to Islamic radicals and their supporters, starting within our own country, and correcting and repairing our financial and economic institutions, i.e. buying down debt, reining in the central banks and fraudulent loans and securing real backing for our money again?

I think it is time for a third party or two to start gaining momentum on the big monopoly parties and actually start reflecting the values and priorities of the American people again! Most people want to help others who are starving or are in crises throughout the world, but don�t want to be lied to and played again and again, as the UN did with the oil for food program in Iraq.

It is time for a NEW party to rise up and start talking seriously about repairing our manufacturing base, establishing fair trade policies with other countries, protecting our national borders, not just arguing about it, reforming our messed-up tax structure, offering medical and pharmaceutical alternatives to our seniors and talking turkey to Islamic radicals that are manipulating our legal systems, media and schools!!!

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Finishing the job in Iraq and Afghanistan is understandable, but we do need to finish and transition out of there and let their new Governments take more responsibility. Dealing with Islamic radicals within our borders is critical and deadly, right now. They don�t need bombs to take over our country. We just stupidly let them swarm over our schools, courts, media and well-meaning intentions. Will the next party or parties and REAL leaders stand up!!!??? Don�t just keep standing for the �lesser of two evils� Be a part of fixing things!!!

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The contenders for the oval office may be playing the usual word games, but you can pick up on the global push with McCain�s past voting record with the Soros-backed, McCain-Feingold Bill and support of shamnesty...