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By Byron J. Richards, CCN

January 9, 2008

The New Year brings a surprise for the FDA � a lawsuit filed by Public Citizen seeking to force the FDA to do its pretended job of protecting American citizens from the dangers of drugs. Of course, the real FDA job, as prioritized by top FDA management, is to protect the sales of Big Pharma and create new market opportunities for Big Pharma and Big Biotech while using Americans for experimental purposes.

The current suit revolves around the dangers of toxic fluoride-containing antibiotics. The two brand names involved are Johnson & Johnson�s Levaquin and Bayer�s Cipro. The German company, Bayer, has a long and colorful history of injuring Americans while its executives laugh all the way to the bank.

These dangerous antibiotics cause ruptured and damaged tendons. Public Citizen had petitioned the FDA for a clear black box warning, rather than a warning buried deep in the fine print that no person fighting an illness would have the energy to read. The FDA refused to force the drug companies to make the warning clear, knowing that such a warning would reduce sales of the drugs and open the companies to lawsuits by those who have been injured.

Now the FDA will get a chance to defend its pro Big Pharma anti-American position in court. Happy New Year, FDA. Hopefully this is the start of a new trend.

Here are some of the other top headlines featuring the ineptitude going on in our health care system.

Pfizer � Lipitor Suit Moves Forward while Officials Flee the Law in Nigeria

Lipitor for lowering cholesterol (a statin) is the best selling drug of all time. A newly unveiled lawsuit based on information provided by a top former Pfizer exec now turned whistleblower is showing that this stroke of marketing genius was based on blatantly illegal marketing and pushing the drug on Americans who really did not need it. As the poster child for the statin scam Pfizer has likely damaged the health of millions of Americans. Now there is an attempt to hit them where it counts, in the pocket book.

Meanwhile, the morality of Pfizer continues to shine around the world as three top executives try to flee the law in Nigeria after killing and injuring children while conducting drug experiments. Such brutal experimentation in third world countries is common practice by Big Pharma, where regulation is lax and bad results commonly don�t show up in the scientific literature and are not included as part of the drug�s history when it is presented to the FDA for approval. Pfizer is facing 2 billion in damages in the Nigerian case and some of its top executives are literally on the run from the law. Hopefully the judge on the Lipitor case will take note of the flight risk and hold top Pfizer execs without bail.

The recent Lipitor ads featuring the inventor of the artificial heart, Dr. Robert Jarvik, are now drawing the attention of lawmakers looking into the illegal nature of these ads.

Corn � When is Food No Longer Food?

Farmers growing corn for ethanol are no longer farmers in any traditional sense; they are part of the oil industry. It is now being reported that the millions of pounds of nitrogen-based fertilizer needed to grow the corn are entering the Mississippi and going out into the gulf wherein they create a 7,900-square-mile �dead zone� void of oxygen wherein fish, crabs and shrimp suffocate and hostile algae grow.

Idiots on Capital Hill, with the full support of the Bush administration, just passed a bill that will dramatically boost ethanol use, making this problem much worse for years to come.

There are other side effects in the agricultural market, such as driving up the cost of food as it is now more expensive to feed animals. Then there is the issue that this means big profits for genetically modified seed producers like Monsanto. The issue of the safety of GMO foods like corn has never been verified and is an incredibly dangerous experiment on our entire food supply and the health of humans.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that corn can be used for fuel. It is no longer safe to eat. Let�s just hope that winds don�t blow too much corn pollen into the neighboring crops and cross-contaminate what is left of a real food supply.

Dietary Supplement Trade Group Promotes Food Coloring Use

The International Alliance for Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) is actively supporting the use of food coloring in dietary supplements, guidelines that are being written up for the proposed Codex guidelines that pose a grave threat to free access to dietary supplements in America.

�Our aim is to ensure that the adopted levels are both safe for consumers and consistent with those widely used by the global food supplement industry,� said David Pineda, IADSA�s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

Excuse me Mr. Pinhead, food coloring comes from coal tar and is a poison. It has no business being in dietary supplements in any amount. The only people who put it in dietary supplements are big drug companies that make vitamins (Bayer - One-A-Day and Wyeth � Centrum). I wouldn�t put food-color containing vitamins in my body even if they were the last supplements left on earth - which is the goal of Codex. It is obvious that IADSA and Codex are nothing but European drug company efforts to control the sales of nutrients in America and around the world, ensuring that garbage synthetic vitamins are sold as natural and junk chemicals are allowed in products.


When will the traitors in the U.S. trade groups wake up. The Natural Products Association (NPA, formerly NNFA) is a member of IADSA and has supported the IADSA/Big Pharma positions. NPA is leading its members down a booby-trapped path that has nothing to do with the principles of natural health. NPA is failing to warn its members regarding the extreme dangers CODEX poses to Americans.

Spotlight Shines on Ineptitude of Medical Sinus Treatments

The Journal of the American Medical Association has just published a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study showing that the use of antibiotics and nasal steroids is ineffective at treating sinusitis.

Each year there are 25 million visits to a doctor in the United States to treat sinus problems; the overwhelming majority are viral in nature. Despite repeated warnings of germ resistance from antibiotic prescription overuse, U.S. physicians still prescribe an antibiotic at least 85 percent of the time. Now there is iron-clad scientific proof that this strategy does not work.

What is not discussed in this study is the rampant epidemic of Candida Albicans that is caused by this flagrant malpractice of medicine. Physicians routinely cause life-long infections with Candida Albicans which seriously deteriorate the health and quality of life of their patients who receive repeating doses of antibiotics.

It is now also quite clear that repeated doses of antibiotics in infants is a cause of the epidemic of asthma in children (mostly as a side effect of Candida infection).

It is becoming painfully obvious to everyone that medical doctors cannot be trusted to do a competent job and are guilty of practicing medicine with a useless license. Thankfully, many natural remedies can easily take care of sinus problems without damaging a person�s health for life.

Common Diabetes Drug Causes Bone Loss � Medical Profession in a Funk

The commonly used and much maligned diabetes drug, Avandia, just took another spill down the stairs. A new mouse study shows that the drug weakens bones and is likely to cause osteoporosis in the millions of users in the United States. The drug was shown to get directly in the way of healthy bone function, causing accelerated bone loss and slowed bone growth.

Senior study author Ron Evans, not wanting to step on GlaxoSmithKline�s toes, had this to say about Avandia �We do not recommend that people stop their treatment. You must balance the benefits against the complications.�

So how do the millions of people taking this drugs balance the risks against the benefits? Well maybe they go to the FDA website where they will find that in May the FDA warned of �a potentially significant increase in the risk of heart attack and heart-related deaths in patients taking Avandia.� Yes, that is a 43% increased risk.

So now we have a drug that causes serious bone disease and heart disease. The FDA has left it on the market so that you the consumer and your too-busy doctor can sort out if this poison is right for you.

The drug-pushing quick-fix paradigm of Western Medicine, existing almost solely to prop up the profits of multi-national drug companies and rape the American public of wealth, is a scam gone wild.

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Doctors are overworked and generally inept at fixing anything without drugs, especially a complex and labor-intensive problem like diabetes. Consumers are naive to think that years of poor choices and a polluted food supply can be fixed by drugs.

Diabetes is a project. There are no quick fixes. Individuals must be consistent with many healthy habits if they are to have a chance of recovering their health.

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Byron J. Richards, Founder/Director of Wellness Resources, is a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally-renowned health expert, radio personality, and educator. He is the author of Mastering Leptin, The Leptin Diet, and Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America.

Richards encourages individuals to take charge of their health, stand up for their health rights, and not blindly succumb to propaganda from the vested-interests who profit from keeping Americans sick. As founder of Wellness Resources, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN, an independently-owned fine-quality dietary supplement company since 1985, he has personally developed 75 unique nutraceutical-grade nutritional formulas.

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The current suit revolves around the dangers of toxic fluoride-containing antibiotics. The two brand names involved are Johnson & Johnson�s Levaquin and Bayer�s Cipro. The German company, Bayer, has a long and colorful history of injuring Americans while its executives laugh all the way to the bank.