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By Byron J. Richards, CCN

July 20, 2006

On July 19, 2006 President Bush employed his first presidential veto, rejecting a bill for the expansion of stem cell research. He told Americans stem cell research "crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect." A close examination of the issue shows that this is merely a public relations ploy to preserve the profits of struggling Big Pharma and perpetuate the sickness industry at the expense of health improvements for millions of Americans.

Is President Bush's veto little more than an election year attempt to salvage conservative Christian votes? After all, religious leaders have threatened to jump ship if the president failed to take action on topics important to their cause. Seldom does the president have an opportunity to throw a dog bone to the religious right while implementing his all too obvious plans.

My objection to this charade is based on the logic of his argument, one of moral righteousness in defending life. Such hypocrisy warrants analysis.

It is this president who has condoned the poisoning of fetuses everywhere with the rocket-ignition toxin known as perchlorate, now at toxic levels of exposure throughout our food supply. He eliminated scientists at the EPA who had worked on the issue for years. His administration interpreted science for the benefit of the defense industry, saving them at least 50 billion in clean-up fees. He placed a gag order on administration staff relating to the perchlorate issue. His staff colluded with the defense industry, planning strategy to enable them to avoid responsibility.

Perchlorate is a thyroid-disrupting toxin that is especially harmful to the fetus and newborn child, causing brain-development damage and life-long metabolism problems. Any leader with a shred of concern for life would have dealt with this issue effectively, instead of protecting the perpetrators of this poisoning of the unborn and newborn.

President Bush is a leader in implementing the Council on Foreign Relations' eighty-five year old globalization agenda. Globalization requires the steady erosion of family and community values, values that are rooted in morals and religious teaching. This is now being accomplished through aggressive promotion by Bush of the World Trade Organization, at the expense of American jobs, communities, and sovereignty. Since the CFR's agenda is rooted in the principles of godless humanism and eugenics, it is quite a stretch for any person on the religious right to think that Bush intends to act on values associated with the preservation of life. His actions speak louder than the propaganda used to hoodwink voters. His actions preserve the power of the elite ruling class, using American workers to stoke their fortunes and strip real wealth from the working class.

Then we get to the Bush healthcare agenda, otherwise known as a welfare program for Big Pharma. His new Medicare prescription drug plan has already increased drug purchases from Big Pharma by 5%, an expanding public debt he eagerly passes to the unborn. He aggressively promotes and protects marketing of risky brain medications to children, bolstering sales of powerful mind-altering drugs to mostly well children who have no real disease. He has infiltrated top FDA positions with appointments that want to speed the release of unproven medicines on the public, bolster profits on Wall Street, and undermine citizens' rights to sue drug companies when injured. He has done more than any other president to lay a course that exposes the public to health dangers from drugs, primarily for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma is bent on keeping the American public sick in an attempt to grab the forty trillion dollars of baby boomer wealth, so they cannot pass it on to their children.

What is the real reason President Bush is opposed to stem cell research? Right now, billions of dollars are being invested in a model of healthcare based on powerful new medicines that operate at the genetic level. The vision is to manage illness with these expensive medications, keeping Americans alive yet in a sick condition. This is the vision for cancer care, diabetes care, cardiovascular care, brain illnesses, etc. It is not a vision based on curing anything. It is a vision based on profits for Big Pharma for the next fifty years. The agenda is a massive high-tech sickness industry.

Stem cells offer a true hope to cure many ills. The ability to generate new cells could actually fix problems. The sickness industry does not profit from anyone getting well. A viable a stem cell industry is the foundation for the ultimate anti-aging and anti-disease paradigm of the future, a true renaissance in health care. In reality, stem cell technology is competing with the next generation of Big Pharma drugs.

Even more to the point, fixing an individual's health restores freedom to that individual. This is far different than perpetual sickness management, a form of imprisonment and mind control. The Bush administration and the FDA want your DNA in a government owned database, an "essential" step in evaluating the effectiveness of their new class of biological drugs. They also want a chip in everyone's arm that will keep track of their health history and location, a point that should make any conservative Christian shudder. This is the real President Bush. He favors highly regulated healthcare based on the priorities and whims of the federal government, blending nicely with Homeland Security.

The moral argument to defeat stem cell research is a cover to buy time for Big Pharma to get a head start on the competition. Wellness for our country is not the priority of the Bush Administration. There is not a single shred of evidence that Bush has placed the value of human life ahead of profits for Big Pharma or the defense industry. There is plenty of evidence to show that his actions are consistent with a leader who desires to strip constitutional rights from Americans and increase the regulatory police powers of the federal government over citizens. A key requirement of this governing style is to trap citizens in a government-run sickness industry in the name of "public health." It is a form of mind control and health control that forwards expansion of federal powers and the agenda of globalization at the expense of Americans.

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Voters beware; elite Democratic Party leadership is no better. Both sides of the isle are bought by Big Pharma and the elite money of the New World Order. Influence peddling on Capital Hill must end, before American sovereignty is sold to the highest bidder. Health freedom, like all of our freedoms, is under attack. The stem cell issue is a symptom of an underlying political disease. Americans need to flood Congress with their support of stem cell research to overturn the president's veto.

Note: Extensive documentation on perchlorate, the CFR, and the sickness industry agenda is given in my new book, Fight for Your Health. See the Michael J. Fox website to understand the importance of this legislation and what you can do now.

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Richards encourages individuals to take charge of their health, stand up for their health rights, and not blindly succumb to propaganda from the vested-interests who profit from keeping Americans sick. Author of Mastering Leptin and Fight for Your Health, Richards is now joining forces with health freedom leaders in the U.S. and throughout the world. Visit his health blog for up to date happenings.

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Is President Bush's veto little more than an election year attempt to salvage conservative Christian votes? After all, religious leaders have threatened to jump ship if the president failed to take action on topics important to their cause. Seldom does the president have an opportunity to throw a dog bone to the religious right...