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By Byron J. Richards, CCN
December 30, 2013

The new era of scientific tools has opened the doors to a wondrous exploration of cellular health and related gene signaling. The vital emerging theme of all this research is that nutrition powers the health of cells. This amazing research is in many ways bringing us full circle, focusing back to the most basic nutrients and their vital roles in keeping you healthy.

Many of the top health stories of 2013 explain the extreme health benefits of basic categories of nutrients—nutrients you should not be without. While you can and should get a foundation of these nutrients by eating high quality food, dietary supplements are an excellent option for bolstering your intake and ensuring your bases are covered.

#10 – Exercise is Better than any Drug or Combination of Drugs for Disease Prevention

Making the time to consistently exercise continues to be one of the most effective ways to keep your body functioning in a healthy manner as you grow older. Use it or lose it, the choice is yours.

Exercise Potently Reduces the Risk for Diseases of Aging
Aerobic Exercise Boosts Cognitive Function, Brain Structure & Cardiovascular Health
Exercise Helps Prevent the Re-accumulation of Dangerous Fat
Aerobic Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Baby’s Brain

#9 – Multivitamins/ B vitamins are Needed for Gene Function

The word vitamin means “vital amine,” it is something you must absolutely get from your diet and supplements, as your body cannot synthesize vitamins. B vitamins are essential for the smooth operation of your whole body epigenome, which is how your genes express themselves. This epigenome begins to lose efficiency as you age, if you lack vitamins the inefficiency is magnified.

Multivitamins Help Women with Aggressive Breast Cancer
B Vitamins Reduce Risk of Reflux Related Health Problems
Folic Acid & Vitamin B12 for Cognitive Health and Stress
Vitamin B12 Reduces the Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
Men Should Take Folic Acid Prior to Conception to Prevent Birth Defects

#8 – Fiber and Flora are Your Digestive Basics

While there are at least 10 trillion cells that make up your body, there are at least 100 trillion living foreigners residing in your digestive tract. While these bacteria are much smaller in size than a human cell, their collective metabolic byproducts produce massive amounts of “raw materials” required for healthy human cell function. These friendly flora thrive on the fiber in your diet. Imbalances in this system can produce toxins and undesirable gene signals that interact with your cells, problems that underlie or contribute to the majority of poor health conditions.

Fiber, Leptin, and Weight Loss
Psyllium Fiber Activates Fat Burning Genes
Fiber Intake Reduces the Risk for Insulin Resistance
How Fiber and Friendly Flora Help Digestive Immunity
Dramatic Benefits of Friendly Flora in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Friendly Flora During Pregnancy Reduces Allergy in Child
Friendly Flora Boost Immunity, Reduce Inflammation & Offset Side Effects of Antibiotics
An Astounding Discovery: Gut Flora Influences Brain Development

#7 – Vitamin D is Required for Whole Body Gene Signaling Efficiency

In recent years the importance of vitamin D has dramatically expanded from its role in bone health. Optimizing vitamin D intake is a basic health step with profound gene signaling benefits for multiple systems in your body. Supplemental D is especially important in the winter months when vitamin D from sun exposure is nonexistent.

Vitamin D Lowers Depression and Nerve Pain in Women with Type 2 Diabetes
How Vitamin D Helps Combat Obesity
Adequate Vitamin D is Needed to Prevent Brain Damage
Vitamin D Protects Against Middle-Age Depression
Vitamin D Status Prevents Infections
Vitamin D Supplements Prevent Respiratory Infections
Vitamin D’s Important Role in Digestive Health
Low Vitamin D Causes Premature Bone Aging
Vitamin D Reduces Muscle Fatigue

#6 – Minerals are Cofactors in Hundreds of Enzymes and Gene Signals

Calcium is more than a bone building nutrient. It helps metabolism, cardiovascular health, and is now a proven longevity factor. Magnesium, easily the most lacking mineral in the American diet, is pivotal to human health. And don’t forget about other minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium. Minerals are required for the structural integrity of hundreds of enzymes that respond to and coordinate the gene signaling in your body.

Calcium Supplements Help Women Live Longer
Calcium Status Linked to Metabolic & Cardio Health
The Unique Properties of Coral Calcium
Calcium Hydroxyapatite as a Valuable Bone-Building Nutrient
Magnesium for the Prevention of Heart Disease
Antioxidants and Magnesium Linked to Better Hearing
Low Magnesium Linked to Poor Vitamin D Status
Magnesium Intake Improves Insulin Resistance
Magnesium Deficiency Linked to Stiff Arteries
Zinc as an Anti-Aging Nutrient
Low Midlife Iron Contributes to Declining Cognitive Function in Women
Selenium’s Vital Role in Thyroid Hormone Function

#5 – Antioxidants Shine, Tocotrienol E and Q10

2013 has been a very good year for antioxidants of all types. Not only are they crucial for defending your body from free radical damage that causes DNA malfunction, each different type of antioxidant offers unique gene signaling support for a dazzling array of dramatic health benefits. I’ll begin with the existing stories of the tocotrienol form of vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

Brain Protection & Anti-Aging with Tocotrienols
Tocotrienols Prevent Excitotoxic Brain Cell Death
Tocotrienols Protect the Heart from Radiation Injury
Tocotrienol E Supports Bone Health
Tocotrienols Boost Bone Health
Tocotrienols Stabilize Mast Cells
Tocotrienols Offset Stress-Induced Digestive Problems
Tocotrienols Improve Insulin Function & Protect Kidneys
Tocotrienols Protect Against the Sun’s UVB Radiation
Ubiquinol Q10 Anti-Aging Properties
The New Anti-Aging World of Ubiquinol Q10
Q10, Zinc, and Antioxidants Needed During the Flu
Ubiquinol Q10 Helps Fibromyalgia Patients
Ubiquinol Q10 Boosts Power Output in Athletes
Q10 Helps Heart Failure Patients
Coenzyme Q10 Remarkably Improves Circulation

#4 – Antioxidants Shine, the Protection of Carotenes

When you consume carotenes they slowly and surely accumulate in your tissues and cells and offer stellar defense against damage, helping your body improve its resistance to wear and tear and the demands of your life. If you lack carotene intake then carotenes slowly and surely disappear from body tissues and cells, leading to increased damage and accelerated aging. This year the carotene astaxanthin has made a big splash, though all types of carotenes are quite important to your health. Green foods like chlorella are also an excellent source of carotenes.

Astaxanthin – A Premium Cell Defense Nutrient
Astaxanthin Helps Protect Eyesight
Astaxanthin Helps Lung Health
Anti-Aging Properties of Astaxanthin
Chlorella Reduces Red Blood Cell Damage Linked to Cognitive Decline
Chlorella for Reducing Allergy
Chlorella Protects Against Methylmercury
Carotenes Associated with Better Cognitive Performance During Aging
Lycopene and Lutein Improve Carotid Artery Thickness
Lycopene Intake Reduces Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Lutein Demonstrates Potent Circulatory Protection
Carotenes Protect Against Colon Cancer

#3 – Antioxidants Shine, the Power of Polyphenols

The polyphenols are a structural component of fruits and vegetables that offer high level protection against various stressors a plant may face. Humans use these nutrients for the same reasons, making them indispensable to human health. This years science overwhelmingly makes the case for boosting polyphenol intake, especially ensuring a variety of different polyphenol sources as different types help you in different ways.

Disease Prevention & Anti-Aging Benefits of Flavonoids
Resveratrol’s Amazing Anti-Aging Effect on Circulation
Can Resveratrol Help Prevent Alzheimer’s?
Resveratrol Oxygenates Your Brain
Resveratrol Helps Circulation in Overweight Adults
Resveratrol Protects Against Blood Sugar Damage to Arteries
Grape Seed Extract Normalizes Blood Pressure in Mild Hypertension Patients
Grape Seed Extract may Help Prevent Colon Cancer
Grape Seed Extract and Walking Improve Carbohydrate Tolerance
Grape Seed and Green Tea Extracts Help Zinc Work Safely
Grape Seed Extract Improves Collagen Flexibility & Strength
Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea Enhance Absorption of Essential Fatty Acids
Grape Seed Extract Protects Kidneys from High Fat Diet
Green Tea (EGCG) Improves Body Weight and Autoimmune Arthritis
Green Tea Lowers Cholesterol, Improves Blood Sugar
Green Tea Improves Skin Quality in Women, Protects Against UV Radiation
Green Tea Improves Cholesterol Metabolism
Green Tea Extracts Lower Total & LDL Cholesterol
Green Tea Supplements Boost Antioxidant Status in Overweight Adults with Metabolic Syndrome
Green Tea Protects Skin from UV Damage
Green Tea Turns on Fat Burning Gene
Green Tea and Coffee Reduce the Risk of Stroke
Green Tea May Reduce Amyloid Brain Tangles of Cognitive Decline
Green Tea Modifies Gene Expression to Improve Fat Metabolism
Quercetin Helps Exercise
Quercetin Protects Arteries from Common Toxin
Blueberry Anthocyanins Boost BDNF for Brain Health
Blueberries Help Boost Cardio Fitness
Blueberries Lower Cholesterol & Reverse Memory Decline
Blueberry and Green Tea Extracts Boost Brain Rejuvenation
Blueberries and Strawberries Reduce Heart Attack Risk in Middle-Aged Women
Fisetin Demonstrates Potent Bone Protection Properties
Fisetin Demonstrates Potent Anti-Cancer Properties
Fisetin Protects the Brain from Stress

#2 – DHA and EPA are Vital for Cell Membrane Health

DHA and EPA, especially DHA, must accumulate in the cell membranes all over your body. They also must accumulate in the membranes of various structures within your cells, such as the mitochondria. You are what you eat when it comes to fat. If you would like a brain made of potato chips then that is your choice. You need 1% - 2% of your total fat intake to be in the form of DHA and EPA. Without enough of these essential fatty acids your health is handicapped.

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DHA Reduces Inflammation in Brains of Alzheimer’s Patients
Low DHA and EPA Linked to Major Depression and Anxiety
EPA and DHA Boost Mental Health Scores in Healthy Adults
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Reduce Depression in Women
Low DHA Linked to Anxiety
DHA Boosts Learning & Behavior in Children
Lack of Omega 3 Linked to Teenage Mood Problems & Addiction
DHA Linked to Intelligence in Children
DHA and EPA Boost Brain Function in Children with ADHD
Higher Dose DHA and EPA Reduce Infection Toxins
DHA and EPA Help People with Dry Eye Syndrome
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Needed in Higher Amounts by Overweight People
Omega 3 Oils Help Correct Leptin Gene Problems
How Fish Oil Rescues Metabolism from Obesity
DHA Helps Build and Maintain Muscle
EPA/ DHA Essential Fatty Acids Demonstrate Powerful Cardio Protection
Fish Oil Activates Thyroid Signaling in Your Liver to Burn Fat
How Fish Oil Rescues Metabolism from Obesity
DHA is Vital During Pregnancy
Lutein and DHA for the Preservation of Your Eyesight
DHA Reduces Asthma Risk
New Insights on How DHA Inhibits Prostate Cancer

#1 – Checking Into a Hospital is Incredibly Dangerous

The very same people that want you to believe they are the authorities for health have a rather large dirty little secret. If you over 50 and check into one of their hospitals your odds of getting killed are 1 in 10, just a little better than Russian Roulette.

Shocking Amount of Death Caused at U.S. Hospitals

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Byron J. Richards, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, nationally-renowned nutrition expert, and founder of Wellness Resources is a leader in advocating the value of dietary supplements as a vital tool to maintain health. He is an outspoken critic of government and Big Pharma efforts to deny access to natural health products and has written extensively on the life-shortening and health-damaging failures of the sickness industry.

His 25 years of clinical experience from the front lines of nutrition have made him a popular radio guest who callers find impossible to stump. He has personally developed 75 unique nutraceutical-grade nutritional supplement formulas with a focus on thyroid nutrition, healthy weight loss supplements, cardiovascular nutrition, and stress management.

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When you consume carotenes they slowly and surely accumulate in your tissues and cells and offer stellar defense against damage, helping your body improve its resistance to wear and tear and the demands of your life.