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By Byron J. Richards, CCN

February 9, 2007

Health Care for Profit

Wall Street, international bankers, President Bush, pharmaceutical companies, new biotech companies, the Rockefeller empire, and the FDA have created a new plan for public health. It is a grand vision based on profit. It will use the FDA and, as needed, the Department of Homeland Security as the regulatory police force that ensures compliance in the name of public safety. Legitimate objections may be overpowered in the name of national security.

The definition of terrorist will be expanded to include American citizens who disagree with the government�s plan. This is a new way to stamp out competition. Any person who speaks out against the plan could be harassed, because health care and national defense are now being connected through the threat of biological weapons.

One example can already be seen. If pandemic bird flu strikes (H5N1), the president already has in place laws that require the use of experimental treatments and/or vaccinations, with no legal recourse for people who might be damaged. Quarantines will be enforced in the name of public safety, deploying the National Guard and even the military forces against our own citizens.

What we are seeing is a blending of government agencies that relate to health care, biological weapons, and national security. Individuals simply protesting the ineffectiveness of government-sponsored health programs may find themselves talking to Homeland Security.

Many plausible reasons are given to support the new plan, most of them playing on public fear. Vested interests are spending billions of dollars on research to build this new plan, so it is safe to assume that there are plenty of strings attached, favors to pay, and claims already staked.

Fear is the weakness. Public safety is the excuse. Government-backed police power is the means. And the result is not improved health�it is profit for the elite, at the expense of the health of the majority.

The New Public-Health Plan

There is no need to guess at the nature of this plan. There is no need to hypothesize a grand conspiracy against the rights of individuals. The plan is being clearly and openly stated. The actions of government officials are consistent with what they are, in fact, saying. The plan is a matter of public record.

The new public-health plan amounts to a declaration of war on health freedom and the rights of people to receive the health care that is most likely to relieve their problems. Any doctors who truly believe in giving their patients the best possible care�the legal and moral obligation of every doctor�will soon find themselves joining the fight for health freedom.

The intention of those currently in control is that within five to ten years this plan will be firmly established as the model of future health care for Americans.

The Plan:

1. The personal health data of all Americans will be registered in a national data base owned by the government. This will begin in the summer of 2006 with new bar-coded drug labels and will progress until the database includes every person�s complete medical history.

2. By the time a child enters school, a comprehensive mental-health screen will be performed and �appropriate� medication will be dispensed, part of a national mental-health initiative. All data will go into the national database, branding a child for life. The pilot project for this step in the plan is called TeenScreen, already operating in 43 states.

3. A computer chip will be implanted in every American and be required in order to receive health services. It will contain a person�s health history; it will be programmable (and prone to viruses and computer hackers), and it could have multiple other uses�including tracking the person�s whereabouts as desired by government agencies. Such devices are already approved by the FDA. One example, Verichip, is now being marketed to doctors and hospitals as the VeriMed Patient Identification System. As of March 2006, eighty hospitals and several hundred doctors were already signed up. In addition to storing data, it is a global positioning identification chip.

4. Doctors� offices will become one large clinical trial for rapid deployment of new and unproven drugs and monitoring of existing drugs. This means a patient going to the doctor may receive care based on a new or ongoing drug trial, not on the best available care. In many cases, patients will be guinea pigs. The FDA considers this step to be their top priority for the next five years. It is called the Critical Path to Personalized Medicine Initiative. In 2006, it received its first federal funding.

5. Individuals will have no personal rights to sue if they are damaged by a drug. Protection currently offered to U.S. citizens by state law is actively being overturned by the FDA. The FDA is now working on the side of drug companies and against the safety of the people it is supposed to be protecting.

6. The DNA of every citizen will be on file with the FDA. Newly developed drugs, based on the new sciences of proteomics and nanotechnology, will require analysis of protein molecules based on the person�s DNA and cellular function. Under the false guise of progress and safety, Americans will be conned into handing over their DNA to the federal government. This will lead to all manner of superiority/racial profiling based on DNA, promoting the new eugenics for the 21st century�the Rockefeller dream.

7. New international patent laws are allowing large multinational companies, with the help of aggressive law firms, to control all meaningful life-science inventions. They are specifically trying to control patents relating to natural life processes in the body, as well as the processes by which nutrition and herbs work in the body (realizing these are oftentimes superior to current drugs). Beware of any company seeking patents relating to natural life function.

8. The availability of beneficial nutritional supplementation as a health option will be gone. Large drug companies, with the help of various governments (including the U.S. government), are seeking to force companies selling high-quality nutritional health options out of business. Once gone, they plan to take over the business for themselves, restricting useful options that compete with best-selling drugs and jacking up the prices on what remains. They will also try to patent natural health options, turning them into expensive pharmaceutical drugs. The European example already shows elevated supplement prices for low potency and poor quality, a sign of things to come in America.

Each of these points is fully underway. Solutions are possible, but not if Americans fail to understand what is occurring.

The Attack on Natural Health

The largest barrier to implementing this grand plan, which is actually a global plan, is the citizens of the United States. Americans currently enjoy more health freedom than any other country in the world. The alternative health-care industry is fueled by small supplement companies that promote safe and effective natural health options�the true champions of the people�s cause.

Under the pretense of public safety the FDA, Bush administration, and various congressional leaders are attacking alternative health care. This is a concerted and well-planned aggressive attack on health freedom in America, part of the global effort to control health-related profits.

The natural-health industry is attempting to fight back. Despite overwhelming support by the majority of Americans, it remains an uphill struggle. On November 10, 2005, a bill was placed before Congress by Ron Paul (R-TX) as H.R. 4282, the Health Freedom Protection Act. This bill and any similar legislation need massive public support.

What is the real reason the FDA is actively suppressing alternative health options? One of the values of nutrition is that it offers great hope with little risk. Drugs, not vitamins, are killing 100,000 Americans a year and sending 1.6 million people to the hospital with adverse reactions. High-quality alternative health options actually might help someone get well. Drug companies profit from people remaining sick.

My extensive investigation into this issue shows that the FDA�s actions are part of a much broader campaign to control health. The attack on the natural-health industry is intentional. It is part of a larger attack on many of your rights.

A Call to Action

My goal has always been to help others. I have always sought to speak the truth. Now I have the obligation to expose the truth. I find myself with a new mission�a duty and responsibility to help my fellow citizens in a much broader way. Your health and the health of your children and grandchildren are at stake.

I find the training of my life to be particularly suited to the task at hand. I am one of a handful of people who can actually explain to you how to regain healthy function of your body using natural options for health. I also have a background in advanced computer systems, as a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, enabling me to easily understand what the FDA is attempting to do.

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I am a clinical nutritionist by trade. I have spent the greater portion of my working life exploring the details of psychoneuroimmunology and metabolism. I understand the nature of hormones working at the genetic level. I understand how the new science relates to nutrition. I have helped thousands of people regain or attain healthy function of their bodies.

The battle for control of your health is now under way. It is time to understand the nature of the plan. The future well-being of our citizens is at stake.

I draw my sword in the form of a book. For part 1 click below.

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Richards encourages individuals to take charge of their health, stand up for their health rights, and not blindly succumb to propaganda from the vested-interests who profit from keeping Americans sick. Author of Mastering Leptin, the Leptin Diet, and Fight for Your Health, Richards is now joining forces with health freedom leaders in the U.S. and throughout the world. Visit his health blog for up to date happenings.

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My goal has always been to help others. I have always sought to speak the truth. Now I have the obligation to expose the truth. I find myself with a new mission�a duty and responsibility to help my fellow citizens in a much broader way.